Fragile and Wounded

17 Jan

I am sick… physically sick. I have been coughing and sniffing since the past few days. My head’s been aching and it seems like my brain is swimming in.. well, let’s not be graphic. But I’d rather feel sick in this way if it isn’t any obstruction in my work.  I  have less than 6 hours sleep in total for the last 2 days and my fingers and hands are sore in cutting.


I have to produce mockups of 17 boxes and 27 sachets in total plus 10 sales kit that needs to be cutout and assemble. And they are all needed to be all done by 7:00 am TOMORROW.




Avoid sneezing on the boards or else I will have extra dots and I have to redo it again. Eyes are puffy and seemed to popout every time I sneeze. Plus my nose feels like falling off as well. Sometimes I imagine, what if parts of the body are attached via velcro… easy to remove and replace when damaged.

Well, one part will definitely be a best candidate. That pumping machine right in the center of it all… all battered and tormented. It needs a break and rest. And perhaps I’d replace it with a cold-stone.

You wish…

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Posted by on January 17, 2007 in Emotional and Physical Turmoil


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