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I was proud yesterday. Proud that despite the achoo-sniff-cough-cough I am still up and standing. I continue to work because I love what I’m doing, I believe in what I am doing and the people I work with. But some people just don’t know how to appeciate hard work. Oh well, some people just have no brains at all.

Yes. I am mad. Well, I’m quite tamed now compared yesterday. Perhaps if I’m not carrying any virus in my system, most likely I’ll be blowing up like a volcano. Thank God I still have some control before I’ll regret the action I could have done out of anger.

It’s all mixed up. Well, I should have placed some limitations and draw boundaries. Work is work. Personal is personal. Now, I am trying to sort things out on work first. It may sound funny but it’s easier on my side to do that. Plus the fact that more is greatly affected. You might be thinking to start with me personal issues, but it’s much harder for me… it’s a long story…

Anyway, I promised to myself, all will be different and all should be settled (somehow) for me. Hoping that it will radiate to others as well. I know I am tested. I know I still have friends and other concern people around there supportive of me. But those provoking me to give up and testing my patience and wits are checking in. I pray that God would somehow strengthen me and give more understanding and patience in these tests I am undergoing.

I may have been stepped on, kicked in the groin, slapped on both cheeks, etc. etc. But I always pick up the pieces and fix it up myself. I don’t know up till when I’ll be doing so but definitely, definitely I’m not giving in. As my friend-boss told me to reast as he aw me yesterday over iChat that I sounded and look really sick. I told him, I can still manage to get up from the bed 😉 My body may collapse but my heart and mind will continue to fight back.

My flag is still up.

Nemcy is not giving up.

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