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Keeping It Steady

It’s some hell on earth that’s for sure.

My anger is spiking up every minute since the other day. I had to go out. My trip to the gym yesterday somehow helped. But it wasn’t totally removed. I have to deal with this in one way or another.

I told a dear friend that with my rage yesterday I think I have that capacity to kill. I have never been in this kind of rage that I would think of such actions. I had some erpted fights before and the aftermath is not nice. I definitely don’t like the feeling. By nature, I am really nice. Not that I’m bragging it. I wanted everyone that I know of happy. I share my blessings in any way that I can. So imagine me in a bitch mode… would something no one shouldn’t come into contact with.

I love my job. I am trying love most of the people around me if not all of them. And definitely, I am giving love to myself more now than before. I had to remind myself now of that before I make some decisions, some “moves” that I may regret of doing.

Breathe in… breathe out.

Too bad I missed the cardio kickboxing class. It would have been a great help in releasing it.

I wish at this very moment, that the button WON’T be pushed…

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