Lessons in Life 101: Communication

12 Feb

While in his car, my college professor now a friend and somewhat a second father to me, mentioned that it is communication that is a very essential key in having a lively relationship… well, more so in a romantic relationship.

He is separated from his wife. Ironic you may see it but I’ve never seen him that jolly since I’ve known him during my college years. He is now living with his girlfriend and glad to know, his 2 daughters are brave and open-minded enough to accept and understand their parents situation.

In my one week stay in my new place, in the same building they are living in, I have watched them giggle and tease one another. I’ve told them how envious I am that they are so sweet and seemed to be the youngsters that are so much in love with each other. And that I, who is much younger than they are, felt OLD. He gladly shared that, he and his girlfriend never ran out of things to talk about. They share their thoughts fearlessly even if the other might not. At times, one acts as the antagonist which makes the conversation a little “exciting”.

He has a point. Well, two points literally.

One is mentioned above and the other… is keeping a relationship, or at least saving it when the effort is useless.

Why would you stay in a relationship is it has no more love or at least respect left? What is it for you and your partner if you have nothing more to talk about… what is it for you to gain, primarily?

Why waste each other’s time when you are not happy and satisfied anymore?

Self-preservation isn’t it?

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Posted by on February 12, 2007 in Realizations


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