Its Eve and the Dreaded “Day”

14 Feb

Yup. Today is Valentine’s Day. The VDAY.

Yeah. The day that is…  and always have been dreaded to me ever since I started working. As always, I plan to go home early today to avoid the “rush”. It has always been a HELL day to me! I wonder why everyone seemed to be out or something on this day? Thank God that on my way to way, I haven’t seen anyone wearing a heart print/pattern or in RED.

Yesterday, our usual Tuesday meeting ended earlier than expected. I have been on guard since it’s the eve. I just knew something will be up and will strike any moment. Well, for one…

Starting next week, we were given the “opportunity” to power-dress, as one term it that way. The intention is good, for us to be comfortable in business attire. No problem with that. I might just need to lose my love handles, to fit in my suit that was tailored some decades ago and is now housed in my cabinet with molds and cob webs! :p It’s just that with suits you have to have shoes, hairdo and make up.

Make up. Sigh.

Ok. Moving on…

I decided to let the sun down first before I headed for the gym. still thinking of what worse can happen today, I jumped on the treadmill, made a few sweats and hopped on the stationary bike and e-lift-tical(?) afterwards. A few calories and sweats off my body, i decided to head home by cab. When I came out of the gym, I saw people with flowers, packages in red paperbags, chocolates… whatever! You name it, it’s there. Anything in relation to love and Valentine’s, it’s right under my nose last night. From yuppies, corporate people, even saw a bunch of high school kids holding tulips?! Tulips?! I bet it’s not for their mothers!

I just wanted to hail a cab as quick as possible and get out of there. But, I am not the only one wanted to get out of the place. It’s just the eve and the suffering is starting. I phoned my reliable taxi service and waited. It took me almost 30 minutes before my butt rested inside a cab.  And during that waiting time, I had a good view of couples across me, by that certain park. Some seemed to be waiting too while some took pictures of themselves with their camera phones. Lucky them, nobody nabbed them or snatched their phones away.

My only consolation last night, the cool breeze. But every person that seemed to pass me by are talking about their plans for today, who they are with, etc. etc…

Why has my iPod gave up on me (drained the battery while working out) at this moment?! WHY?!?

Has God forsaken me last night that I had to suffer like that? (Of course, I AM over reacting.) And that is just the beginning.

The very least person (beside me) that I thought would be worrying about Valentine’s Day just mentioned over SMS last night that he is somehow anxious about today.


I am more bitter than ever about today. I’ll perhaps drown myself today with my choice of music and work, work and… work!

Can’t wait till the day is over.

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Posted by on February 14, 2007 in Emotional and Physical Turmoil


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