Life Has Theater Curtains…

25 Feb

I always dreamt before of acting on stage. But I can’t stand crowds and have problems memorizing lines. So in my high school days, I ended up doing props and backdrop for the theater group but landed on a few extra “male” roles (despite my high-pitched voice).

Curtains down…

I missed a lot of things to write about (again). There’s even one instance that I kept on writing my angst that night directly to wordpress to find out the office lost the net connect. I only learned it when I hit the Publish-button. So, bye-bye thoughts.

Lost my mood.

And yes, I was still in the office at that time, 2AM.

Pressure… stress… stress…

There had been a lot of “challenges” we face in the office lately. I always came to the edge of screaming, but controlled my poise since I am supposedly one of the seniors in the office (by age and experience!). At times I admit that I might be over reacting with the stress and work up until my boss-friend came to the edge too.

If I am considered to be patient, he is beyond me in applying patience and sweet-talking. All hands up to him. And then he snapped! Yup! He may not have yelled on the BAs of our clients or planned to kill them in some way like I did (bwahahaha!). But I am sure, as being his friend for more than a decade not, he got mad.

It’s all in the tone of one’s voice.

So, I am still normal. I get to be at rage. I curse. I conspire to kill people or at least plan to make their lives miserable at some point. Evilness somehow lurks in me but at least at the end of the day or when that emotional wrath dies down… I’m still that nice little fat lady patiently working and trying to please each and f*cking everyone (oops! Minus the curse of course).

And besides, I do believe in karma. Quoting a client somehow friend, “Ang karma ngayon, FedEx na. Bukas lang nasa pinto mo na!” (Trans. “Karma these days are delivered by FedEx. By tomorrow it’s by your doorsteps already!”)

Funny guy! But perhaps, he’s right.

That’s life. Well, that’s my life for now. And on with the show…

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    August 16, 2007 at 11:58 pm

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