Time and Plans

27 Feb

Where have I been? How time flies too quickly and am I being left behind? It’s almost the end of February… in a few weeks time it would be summer and a few more months I’d be 30!


What do I have in mind before I reach 30?
1.) Have a Jollibee birthday party… well, hoping that my niece, Noelle will be here but I don’t think she would be 😦

2.) Have a tattoo… at the moment I’m thinking of a pair of wings by my back but still have no idea what design it would be. Or perhaps a scorpion creeping out at the back of my hips

3.) I should have a boyfriend which will be my husband by 32… but this is soooo impossible… I do like this guy BUT he sees me I think as just one of the boys

4.) Get drunk on my birthday and pass out… which never happened because I am a responsible drinker!

5.) Have my very own place… I got that one. But it’s not mine like own it. I am renting it but at least I can consider it my own since I am living by myself and paying the bills (well, most of it, I am paying. I still own my mom a LOT for lending me some… LOVE YOU, NANAY! Mwuah!)

6.) Have another children’s book illustrated… and this time I am going to do well. But at this moment, I am not happy with the outcome of my 1st study ☹ I pray that the publisher won’t take the chance from me (Lord, please don’t let that happen. I will try to be good)

7.) Bring my weight from almost 200lbs to the ideal 135lbs… well, I am enrolled to a gym with my virtual boyfriend (VBF) Jose but I have been skipping my classes due to work… 😦

And with that I plan. Plan and hope I get to commit myself to those plans. Learn to budget my finances and TIME. And on the note… (yawn) I end the day with a few hours of sleep before I head to my day job… which is quite dreaded for the next 8 days because my boss-friend is not with us. The responsibility of maintaining the office in partly on my shoulders…

Gulp! Gulp!

Good luck to me then… force field… activate! 😉

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Posted by on February 27, 2007 in Aspirations, Realizations, Simplified


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