An Unexpected Night Out

12 Mar

A few days, Jose, my VBF invited me to join him in one of his event. It was I think his debut as a writer. He is one of the writers who comprise the book “Tikman Ang Langit”, An Anthology for Eraserheads –– that early 90’s band that touched quite a lot of teens back then (and until now).

Of course, it was a weekday. And I was late. No! I missed it actually. The Eheads had this almost reunion (they disbanded by the way for a decade now).

“The Eheads almost had a reunion…. They played. And I missed it all”, I keep telling that to myself over and over again.

ARGH! (I hate myself!)

Oh well, perhaps my consolation is being with my VBF and understanding that I really dragged my ass out of my seat at work just to make it at his book launch. Plus being with him and 2 of his other gay friends in an unplanned night out.

Let me pullout a used movie concept, twist it a bit to adapt in my situation that night and call the scene: 3 Gay Men and a Fag Hag Lady.


First stop, Sta. Cruz area.

How to get there I really have no idea. All I know is it’s near Quiapo and that we are to dine at this great old Chinese restaurant with a hefty serving of food. I read about it in one of Jose’s blog and saw the pics. Now it’s my chance to experience it. On our way there, Jose shared a few historical facts. Like the fountain below…

It’s a landmark that the place is Carriedo. Heard of the place from my siblings and parents. And with it’s majestic art, it was the first fountain ever constructed by this certain general to commemorate something… gees. Jose, I’m such a disrespectful with history. I’m really bad at it…. So sorry. Next time, I shouldn’t be ashamed to take down notes or at least pay attention to details… or listen and be where I am when you are talking about history.

Now, as for the Chinese restaurant it’s called Wah Sun. And as mentioned earlier, it’s really old and undeniable an authentic Chinese restaurant. As a proof, check out the pictures below.

Jose, my VBF… such a nice smile you got there.

The inside of Wah Sun. Not much of people when we got in. It really looks old and I can say it’s quite an authentic Chinese restaurant with the furnishing, red table cloth, the smell and it isn’t airconditioned but well-ventilated by wall and ceiling fans.

The “men” I am with… (from left) Blas the fanatical teacher, Ian the gay rockstar, and Jose the coping diva and my VBF.

My friends, the food. And I think it’s just half of what we ordered!

We were all full and we have lots of leftovers. I had Kamto Rice Topping and shared Jose’s Shanghai roll, Camaron Rebusado and Beef Brocolli. It was soooo much but it was soooo worth it. I promised that I will bring my Nanay and friends (on separate occasions of course) here when I got the chance.

And what’s more unique about the place is it has “wild life” creatures when you entered their 2nd floor restaurant. Below are just some of the few creatures that caught my attention…

An alligator in the room?

Well, it’s actually inside an aquarium. Jose said when he first went there the alligator was just half the size of the aquarium. now it looks like this…

This is stressful. I pity the creature. May be that’s why there’s the sign “Dangerous!” posted. I may sound odd but I remembered the late Steve Erwin 😦

There were Kois and turtles plus I think eels in a small pond with waterfalls by the entrance on their 2nd floor restaurant.

More birds… sorry I dunno which species they are but Blas said definitely they’re not just parrots or a Tucan.

Sorry I wasn’t able to edit or lighten the photos. Still I am loving my camphone for being much reliable than my old one. Thanks to my handy dandy and very reliable SE K610i Ü

The place is definitely, quoting Jose, one of Manila’s hidden secrets. I’ll surely recommend it to my friends who love to eat and not much of a picky in terms of the ambiance but more of their tummy being filled 😉


Next, we went to this place in Magallanes. Sorry Blas forgot the name of the place but it’s a haven for comic enthusiasts and action figure collections. But knowing Blas haven’t slept for more than 48 hours, was awaken with the mere thought of going to that place Ü Jose even said Blas’ having an orgasm at the very moment he set foot on the premises! I used to be such an enthusiasts but a few years back I lost interest and gave away my few collections. That perhaps will be another blog entry.

For the sweet-tooth crazy… 

Then, Ian suggested to have coffee… or rather fill us up, who happen to be ALL crazy over sweets. Then off we go to Serendra, to this place called Cupcakes by Sondra. I imagined it exactly as Ian described it. Kitchen concept was like that of a housewife living in the 60’s to 70’s era! Cool! All pinkish and girlish, from the counters, the furnishings, and the kitchen equipment! Ian told us that Sondra has to import from the US. Wow! And I’d say it’s all worth it Ü Of course, we might look stupid acting like tourists and taking photos wherever we like to but who cares, we are having fun and enjoying it! Proves that the place is nicely done and very unique.

I was’t able to take pictures of the place but I happen to snag a photo from Jose’s blog…

Me and my VBF… don’t ask why he is pointing to that signage :p

And that (the place), folks, is what you called concept-based! Nice job, Sondra! Plus your cupcakes are heavenly!

As some proof…


My cupcake… Chocolate Oreo… or whatever name it was given, this cupcake is calling me… M-E!!!

The yummy inside of my cupcake… YUMMY!!!

If I can only  buy a dozen at that time and consume it… I will! But we are really still full from the Wah Sun meal. But definitely, I will get my hands with the cupcakes next time I go to Serendra.

Thanks, Ian for the treat and for bringing us there. I don’t usually get to such places because aside from it’s quite far from my location, I really can’t find time like this night out. I am grateful… very much! Ü

Well, that’s about the sum of that exceptional night out. We had to cut the fun because I have work the next day. But I can’t wait for the planned weekend off to this beach I went too with the same gay folks Ü

Thank God I had the chance to get out, had fun and unwind with these guys.

More of the adventures and much better narration, click here from Jose’s, my VBF’s blog Ü

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