List No. 2: Signs That You Haven’t Moved On

12 Mar

I have been a fan and listener of Monster Radio RX 93.1. Well, to be exact, I LOVE listening to the Morning Rush that Dela Mar and Chico has been hosting for years. Ever since I moved and had my own place, they have been accompanying me every morning. 2 single, non-conventional minds if I may say so… what else can I ask for? Perhaps that’s why I can relate with these two… plus they are soooo funny.

Just a few days ago, I heard on their TOP 10 a topic which I can definitely relate to:


10.) Press-releasing that you’re now OK and had moved on to your friends just so they won’t bring up the topic anymore.

For the simple reason that you don’t want to talk about it and you had enough of their blah-blahs over and over again.

9.) Always in defensive mode when love is the topic of conversation.

Of course, who wouldn’t be specially when you know what is connected to such topics? At this point, some wishes they have some invisibility mode to switch on.

8.) Having this feeling of incompleteness despite all the accomplishments and achievements you are acquiring.

And you think of him/her, that it would be better if s/he’s there to share it with.

7.) Uses the his/her name as your password or his/her bday as your pin code.

Need I explain further?!

6.) When there’s a change in your life, whether good or bad, it’s always him/her that comes in your mind FIRST.

Because you got used to it that s/he’s there beside you and you wanted to tell or rant it to him/her.

5.) You don’t erase his/her messages in your phone or email inboxes.

Anything from him or her, however irrelevant or useless the messages are you have an excuse to keep it.

4.) Erases his/her number and yet you memorize it by heart.


3.) Comparing him/her to this new one you are dating, you just met or being pair with or a new “prospect”

Bottomline: S/he is still better than anyone elses. Because you still prefer him/her.

2.) Texting and/or calling your common friends and checking how they are and even asking them if they’d like to hangout.

Because you have an “agenda”. At the back of your mind, you’re hoping that they’d mention anything about how s/he is doing. Fishing some infos in other words.

1.) Placing his/her surname with your first name.

Does it sound good? Well, better get out of your room, go to out with your REAL friends or may be it’s time to visit a trust doctor for your head?

Well, it hit me well. Though I won’t deny that most of the ones listed here are quite applicable to yours truly. I laughed at myself each time I heard them being stated over the radio. Perhaps the very reason why I got to remember most of them.

At least I am now accepting it… that indeed I haven’t moved on. To make things straight––the person I am claiming I haven’t moved away from… I never really had him from the start, and he never knew actually.

There. One step at a time. Perhaps that’s another listing I can write about: Reasons why we don’t profess our true feelings to?


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Posted by on March 12, 2007 in Realizations, Simplified


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