Break(ing Rules)

26 Mar


I have been holding a plane ticket for quite sometime. Ate Neth, a good friend of mine (and almost an older sister to me) booked that ticket and gave to me as a present. It was supposedly her birthday present to me, last October. I ended up using it way past my birthday.

It’s a long and different story on how Ate Neth ended up booking me this month… What’s important:


1.) It’s bound for Davao, to her place. FAR and AWAY from the hustle and bustle of Manila traffic, stress and most of all, from work.

2.) It’s the farthest out of town trip (almost) by myself.

3.) It’s REAL and no one’s going to stop me…


My boarding ticket…


There in my hand, my boarding ticket Ü I finally got my vacation after how years from the last trip I made for Boracay. I met up with Ate Neth’s cousin, Janggo and his GF, Annie at the domestic airport. We were suppose to board by 3:50PM but was delayed 20 more minutes due to some “technical” trouble encountered by Cebu Pacific. It wasn’t just our flight anyway.


Domestic airport scene: People waiting for their flights to be paged.


The Cebu Pacific plane we are to board. The girl in front of me is Annie, Janggo’s girlfriend.


My window view. That next plane I think is bound for Kalibo. Those people boarding mostly is bound for Boracay.


We boarded at exactly 4:10PM and flight was about 2 hours. No problem. Been on airplane travels for more than half a day and crossing continents and timeline. Good thing I was placed on a window seat. Once settled, this got my attention:


Plane aircon was amazing. I mean, it’s undeniably cold enough but not to a point that it would require me to wear a sweater. It isn’t too visible in the photo I guess that the cool air is being emitted quite obviously.

Excited and hard-headed, (which is not quite me, I am a strict follower of rules and regulations, but not this time!) I took photos and videos as evidences that I am truly on my way for my deserved getaway.


Exhibit A:


Me by the window, with the somehow best window view (and the best among the 3 photo attempts) as the plane hasn’t taken off yet.


Exhibit B:


Yeah! Yeah! I know… we are supposed to turn off all mechanical devices specially mobile phones. But as I said, I am hard-headed and rule breaker.

To know rule I’ve broken, click here and here.


And also, I am not quite sure of the Xray in the airport is working after all. Because, I kind of forgot that I have a small bottle of lotion and an atomizer with cologne in my hard-carried bag. They were suppose to confiscate it because no one was allowed to bring any liquid forms in the plane…


Oh, I see… but guess what? I just did!


Good thing 2 young ladies that were seated beside me are not annoying as those seated behind us. They speak quite aloud. Well, there as excited as I am going to Davao but I don’t have to be somewhat shouting when just conversing to the person beside me. I wasn’t as friendly as I would have been. I am still tired from the weeks work. I had to rush my deadline so my team won’t be burdened with jobs that was supposedly mine with my absence. I was friendly as always, but didn’t bother to ask their names and took their photos to be blogged here. If I was as perky and bubbly as before, I would have done so. But right that moment, I was just being “nice”. Had a little conversation and smiled. It was only that day, a few hours before that flight that I finally grasp the thought that I AM on my way to get my break –– my vacation.


Exhibits C:


Too bad I only fantasize that I am Batgirl and unable to fly and see these beautiful clouds like Supergirl when in flight. I am still at awe when I see airplanes, clouds and sunset. So imagine me on a plane and seeing sunset and different cloud formation. No evidence on that one. I just filled my eyes and mind with such a wonderful (and literally blinding) site. God is truly an artist.


Exhibit D:


And as the pilot announced that we are a few thousand feet above Davao and about to land in a certain number of minutes, I sneaked a few snaps of my ever-reliable SE K600i. We arrived almost dawn


Exbihit E: 


The plane we disembarked from. Yup! Here I am in Davao. Annie, Janngo’s FG, mentioned that she smelled durian the moment she stepped in Davao International Airport. Hahaha!


And I am quite impressed with Davao’s airport… clean and somehow reminded me of Narita International Airport. Perhaps, because of the glass panels and the people I see beyond the glass wall, waiting for their planes. But it’s definitely much, MUCH better than Manila’s old domestic airport.


Weird as it was, I texted a few friends informing them where I am and it’s cold and raining here for a summer weather. Some answered the usual, “Cool” and “Enjoy your stay, etc… etc…” but Jose, my VBF, answered me with the geographical facts about Davao! Hay! My ever serious and walking encyclopedia friend, Jose… propesora ka na nga!


So, here I am, in Ate Neth’s house. Met her sisters, brother in law and the kids! For now, I rest… and more adventures (and pictures) to post.

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