Davao Trip-Day3

03 Apr

A little after lunch when the afternoon heat is tolerable, Ate Ajie (Ate Neth’s eldest sister) accompanied us to the *Crocodile Park*. Unfortunate for us, there isn’t any fascinating show. Plus, they were sort of renovating the biggest area that holds quite a number of crocodiles. We only get to see how they feed the crocodiles where one of the zoo keepers enters the crocs cage and feeds the. Other than that we just went around the park, that holds not just the famous crocs but also some animals as well.

Photo Op: You don’t get to see these birdies out of their cages!

It was quite hot that day. A reason to be just a non-moving, lazy creature under the sun.

A really hot day. Some crocs decided to have a dip.

the croc on the left is eyeing on me. It seemed to know I’m taking his picture!

The size of a few months old crocodile.

Pangil, the largest crocodile in captivity. That big can make lots of bags and wallets. Kidding!

Close up of Pangil, open-mouth. Is he asking for food? Nice color when sun’s rays hits the croc skin.

A few photos of the animals in the park:

The Ostrich… can’t capture this huge bird with a human reference. It kept on running around his quite small cage/area.

Human’s cousin: The Urangutang. There were two of them in their cage.

These birds are so pretty with their colorful feathers. And quite flexible too, they could scratch or rather nibble their back!

More photo op again:

The biggest phyton in captivity. Annie send it feels cold and is REALLY heavy.

Thanks, Isabel for taking my pictures… with this baby phyton. Now, can I be candidate for Miss Earth? Hehehe. Do I look scared and in struggle with a phyton here?!

I’m carrying the croc in a cradle position but I’m not his mommy.

You sure we don’t look the same? :p

Now, time to goof around…

Is there a resemblance?

Francis is so cute! He’s the one who thought of the idea to put his head inside the croc’s mouth. Hehehe!

And look! Is it a bird? Nah, it’s just a Cebu Pacific plane passing over the park. Able to capture it… thanks, to the zooming powers of G5 😀

And while waiting for our cab to head back to the city… a few more poses to end the visit…

With Francis and Isabel… and my majestic Egyptian-like pose! Hahaha!

We spend a few minutes in Uyanguren, where I got myself an imitation of a famous bag that really looks like it for just P300! Sorry, can’t show it here. Perhaps when I’m using it and see each other. We walked around the area with Ate Ajie, Annie, Janggo and the kids. The market place reminded me of Divisoria and a few buildings and walkways, like Binondo Ü

And what’s the best way to end a day…. A sumptuous dinner! Ate Len picked us up from Uyanguren and headed to *Malatibas*. It’s like a strip of carinderia of barbeques and grilled food on sticks. Annie said it reminded her of Cebu’s food strip.

Here is the groups favorite joint. Ate Len is choosing some barbeque for the group.

Notice the price board on the wall? The food is really cheap and tastes soooo good. If your into barbeque or anything grilled (plus into drinking… hehehe), this is the place!

The best among the rest of the chains here in Malatibas.

Isaw (chicken intestine), rice and soup is just the initial barbeque that I had.

Barbe-ques: really on que or line to be tasted. All are so yummy! The secret is their barbeque sauce I guess… YUM-YUM!

After that, we all went home really full and happy. The group dared us (Annie and me) to try durian. Annie went for it. Me? I honestly can’t take it, nor bare the smell.

Here are the gals you LOVED durian! (L-R) Peng, Annie and Pepay.

Annie said durian tasted like cheese? HUH?!


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3 responses to “Davao Trip-Day3

  1. Eddieb

    October 24, 2007 at 11:52 pm

    Durian is so damn good. How could you not eat it? Okey, it stinks. At first. Then it stinks some more. And when you lose your sense of smell, durian’s aroma becomes tolerable.

  2. Nemcy

    October 26, 2007 at 2:48 am

    Hi, Eddieb!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog Ü

    It’s really not just durian that I’m having a hard time eating. It’s all the whole concept of eating fruits in general. When I was a kid I used to eat everything and anything as my mom and yaya tell me. But for a certain age till now, I kind of regress on it. Perhaps it’s not just the durian smell but also the texture I feel with my tongue and/or throat.

    Hope you’ll visit my blog and comment again. Take care! Ü

  3. Nash

    October 6, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Hi! Do you know where Malatibas is? My girlfriend is coming here and want to eat grilled chicken intestine. Do you know the street where it is located? Thank you so much! 🙂


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