Davao Trip-Day4

03 Apr

Let’s go a little historical. This time our itinerary is to go to around the city. First stop…

Davao Museum

I was a little bit disappointed that the museum isn’t that much. Plus it was under renovation. Well, at least half of the flooring of the ground floor was. But come to think of it, it was way better to have one than nothing at all.

What did I learn from the museum tour? I am still a geek and a sucker for information, artifacts, etc. They give emphasis on the migration of Japanese and Chinese people in Davao during the pre and post war. There was one entry that I recall saying that some Japanese men married Manobo women (or even princesses) because of scarcity of Japanese women? I say it was just some move to migrate the place and get an easy access on whatever they wanted to get their hands filled with.

Anyway, some moments with the kids in the museum.

Pepay, Francis and I think that we are part of the courtship ritual dance of these statues!

Actually, I am trying to steal the heart of this guy with my lips puckered up! Hahaha!

Seemed my charm doesn’t work even on statues. Have my photos along with the kids on the *kulintang* player instead.

The endorser pose… or rather the famous tourist pose, by where one have been! Thank, Isabel for taking Tita Nemcy’s photo.

Karaoke Night in Davao

A few bumps and turns before we finally enjoyed the night. We were advised to have a little fun that night by going to a karaoke or videoke bar just a few blocks away from the house we are staying. Fine with me! I’m not a singer but lately I’ve been such a sucker of videoke singing. And besides, no one knows me in Davao, might as well sing my heart out… again.

Where we are to sing. You can take the name of the videoke bar literally.

First things first… initially, I thought I misread the SMS message of Ate Neth that the videoke we are going to just charge P100/hour. But it was for real! It IS P100 per hour! Wehehehe. If we didn’t go there quite late (9PM is really late for locals there), we could have stayed there for more than 2 hours!!!

A photo op with Ate Ajie, “seriously” singing her song… Somewhere Down The Road. To whom it was dedicated? I don’t know… YIHEE!!!

I found my usual videoke song, All Out of Love by Air Supply. And who would have thought that the kids (Isabel and Pepay) knew the song!? So they you go, Isabel almost took the mic from me!

Isabel and Pepay, staying up late for the night… to sing!!!
For a while it was “peaceful”… finally, the two kids took turns with the mic.

My turn! Signature song being played… Babe by Styx. Got 97 for that… Yehey! The secret: Loud voice and follow the lyrics. Wehehe!

What to expect for the P100/hour videoke bar:

The controller buttons. Unlike in Manila, some videoke bars have computers per room and choosing your song will be via remote control. At least it’s not the P5.00/song where you need to drop the coin first before punching the song number codes.

TV and the room. Not too small or big. Just enough to accommodate 6 persons. Leather black seats/cushions and the aircon is cold enough. Somehow the walls are padded to somehow make it a little sound proof.

Over all, I had fun. It’s videoke anyway. For P200 (no drinks or pica-pica) in Davao is a good way to have good, clean, wholesome fun (remember we have kids with us that night).

By the way, I lost my voice for quite a few hours early morning the next day. It was hot salabat or ginger brew that I drank in breakfast that made me well after singing my heart’s out!


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