Davao Trip-Day5 (Part 1)

16 Apr

Been busy since I came back from the trip. Good thing I wrote my fun times and saved it. Below was my almost nearing the ends days in Davao.

My days in Davao is almost over. And a Davao visit isn’t complete without paying a visit the Bird Sanctuary in Malagos, Davao that holds the famous Philippine Eagle.

A specie of Philippine Hawk greeted us on the entrance-bridge of the bird sanctuary. It is among the 2 Philippine hawk that is not chained nor caged in the area.

And a few unique purple flowers is seen hanging on trees along our path. I think this purple flower belongs to the orchid family.

The area is really a forest yet no beast is at large. Hehehe. The place is so serene if you are a nature lover, this is a place to visit.

A sample of a forest area. I was hoping something or someone will pop out from that tree. Hehehe.

When I look up, this beautiful scene captured my attention. Dramatic lighting effect, I say!

Tarzan, Jane and kids? Swiss Family Robinson? Nah! It’s the kids (Pepay and Isabel) with Annie and Janggo on a tree cottage.

Is this the spider that turned Peter Parker into a superhero?

I am tense and excited to see the king of birds. The area made me felt like hiking into the woods… for real! I get to see such great creature in photos and read about them in books when I was a kid. It was always mentioned in every history book that I could recall that the Philippine Eagle is in the brink of extinction that’s why such wildlife preservation sanctuary such as in Malagos are built.

This is one of the largest cage built for the Philippine Eagle. These large cages where quit far from where the visitors are standing in view. This is the nearest my cam can get. I guess they do that so the creatures won’t be bothered.

I have mixed emotions when seeing the bird and where they are at. Reading the signage per cage, it indicates either the eagle it holds is captured or breed in captivity. As I can recall, there were about a dozen or less of these birds in display. I dunno how many there are in the nursery.

I wasn’t able to note down the names of each Philippine Eagle I saw. The still renowned PAGASA is still there (or was it KABAYAN?) Either of the two died a few years ago when released from captivity. The eagle got electrocuted in a fence when it attempted to flew back in.

This is the Philippine Eagle named GEOTHERMICA(?) or something like that. It was place far from the rest of the Philippine Eagle and in a smaller cage. I wonder why it is so. It also has the weirdest name compared to the rest of their pact that were mostly based from Filipino/Tagalog words. It is to this creature that I stayed long just looking at it.

I can’t remember if it was Pepay or Isabel that was with me when I was staring at this Philippine Eagle. But I remember myself telling the kid that they were lucky enough that at their age, they get to travel and see these creatures mentioned in books alone. I feel at awe being in that sanctuary and seeing the creature. I had to be 30 to see it in actual form. Wow! Wish I have friends with me who will feel the same way as I do.

The whole is area holds different creatures like deer, hawks, boars, monkeys and flowers. But it was the eagles that holds their main attraction. A few photos I’d like to share taken by yours truly and by my apprentice, Isabel.

A specie of the Philippine Hawk. It’s name is in relation to its white marking in its chest.

The heat is quite intense but the trees gives shade but in general, the lighting was great for taking great outdoor photos.

Pepay and Francis along the arch of flowers and vines.

Gumamela’s pistil… photo by Isabel

Purple flower… photo by Isabel

A bunch of Chinese bamboo that seemed to be in the heart of the park’s sanctuary.

And a good background for an photo op: Ate Neth, Isabel, Pepay, Francis and Ate Ajie.

And would I miss my opportunity too? Thanks Ate Neth and Isabel!

A bunch of mushrooms by the trunk seats: it seemed to be another world, says Ate Neth

A great sighting, a Philippine Hawk freely (I mean, no chains or chord) flying and wondering along the park.

I wasn’t able to capture leaves falling from the trees. But here are some shots that reminded me of autumn in US.

And our closing for our first stop:

It was past noon when we left Malagos and headed to a nearby town. We got an invitation from Ate Neth’s friend, Francis who owns a unique farm in the said district. We had lunch there. The grilled hito was delicious. It has rolled tanglad or lemongrass inside the fish as spice that gives that different flavor and aroma.

Some unique animals Francis is breeding in his farm:

Is it a turkey or a peacock? I really don’t know what fowl they are.

A wild (yet looks like it was tamed already) deer handed over by a native to Francis.

Isabel is feeding the wild deer. Accidentally, the kids picked lemongrass instead of the regular wild grass. The deer didn’t eat the lemongrass.

Photo op: by the beautiful entrance to Francis’ farm. I am quite “in love” with the curtain-like vines hanging over us. So…

…why would I miss a chance to have my photo taken with the group?!

Our last and final stop… Eden Nature Park!

Short background: A part of the area is located at the foot of Mt. Talomo, the mountain prior to Mt. Apo, the height mountain in the country. Well, despite the tour guide that I wished she opens her mouth well enough for us to understand more what she’s talking about… the place is serene and if you are really a nature lover, you will appreciate a trip or even to stay in such place. As I heard, it is owned by a family of Ayala, but not the Ayalas related to the Zobels, but more of Joey Ayala and Cynthia Alexander’s family (I think). The place has wild trees, flowers and organic gardens. The tour guide said that Mrs. Ayal brought some seeds/plants from different parts of the world and planted it herself in the area. That statement, made my brows raise.

I really loved the place. Even though it was raining when we came, the climate added a few dramatic effects of the tour. We were raiding in this small vehicle. It made me feel like it was a local version of Jurassic Park tour. Hehehe.

Photo op: Common bounggavillas grown and trimmed on an umbrella shaped poles for them to crawl at.

It was starting to drizzle. These flower umbrellas come to use then!

Before the rain started to pour, Isabel was able to take this lovely flower photo.

Some organic greens on one of the highest points in Eden. Too bad the weather is rainy and fogging. It was from that point that it was overlooking a part of Davao City and a part of Samal Islands.

By the greens and with the kids enjoying a lazy ride on the swing.

With Francis, who seemed to be more interested to play with the flowers on the well than to have his picture taken.

A small nipa hut, a rest spot perhaps with a nice view.

Me and the kids, on a bench by the nipa hut.

They said God is talking to you and saying that there’s “hope” when you see a rainbow.

And I forgot what “unique” flower this is.

Ate Neth and I are amazed on how a tree is put to a value… monetary value!

Well, no one sees such remarkably vain creatures everyday! A peacock and some peahen.

I don’t see peahens everyday, what more a white one! I even told myself then, will this white creature change into a beautiful maiden at night? Reading and watching too much myths and fairytales, I guess.

Too bad I wasn’t able to capture in photo or video when the peacock did a little courtship or displayed himself with the bunch of peahens. I was at awe (and stunned) watching it spread its tail.

Well, the best part for me in our visit to Eden is the Indiana Jones ride. And by the name itself, would you imagine how I was at that ride? Click here to view.

The video reminds us how gravity works and some laws on Physics plus the co-relation of mass and volume to the inertia and gravity. All these we encounter way back in our high school or college days! All it equates to one thing… I HAD FUN!!!

A good way to de-stress. Well, the shouting was the de-stresser I guess Ü I did shouted my heart out on my first try. It was the stopping-swinging or the “throw back” that made my knees shake when I got down. I jumped off in shock. Good thing I didn’t roll down or you can imagine an elephant in mud rolling down a hill… hahaha!

And our time in Eden ended with this photo:


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