Davao Trip-Day5 (Part 2)

20 Apr

I had to cut my previous entry short. It’s getting longer and I believe the next one deserves a separate entry as an acknowledgment.

It has been planned long before I came in Davao that I had to be brought to this tapsilugan place which Isabel’s considers the BEST restaurant in the world.

For terminology sake, tapsilugan is the place where tapsilog the food/meal is served. So what is a tapsilog? It’s the syllables of the 3 words of food/meal put together. Expanding it:

tap (for “tapa”, it’s a Filipino term for fried beef)
si (for “sinangag” or fried rice, usually garlic)
log (for “itlog” or Tagalog term for egg).

After which, anything paired or served with “sinangang” at “itlog” is known to be part of the menu in a *tapsilugan* place. And with that, you can see how imaginative and creative Pinoys are. Some examples of food combinations:

to (for “tocino”, it’s a Filipino term for cured pork)
si (for “sinangag” or fried rice, usually garlic)
log (for “itlog” or Tagalog term for egg).

bang (for “bangus”, it’s a Filipino term for milkfish)
si (for “sinangag” or fried rice, usually garlic)
log (for “itlog” or Tagalog term for egg).

pork (for porkchops)
si (for “sinangag” or fried rice, usually garlic)
log (for “itlog” or Tagalog term for egg).

And those are just to name a few.

So what’s the known (and considered BEST) tapsilugan in Davao City?

An animated chicken and cow for a logo: nothing new but still for a common tapsilugan, this one isn’t common at all.

The place is simply named as TAPS.

They serve the usual combinations, plus some dual-combinations such as tapa-tocino, bangus-tapa, etc. The restos color theme are the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and they have the usual setup of tapsilugan that you sit on an elevated stool and dine in a sort of a counter table.

Isabel is right. If it isn’t the best resto, it is one of the best. The servings are big and for a meal priced as P45.00, it’s definitely worth it! But what makes it more unique is the wittiness of the owner or whoever thought of their posters to market the food and the place:

Either you find it corny or witty, still whoever thought of this, I give him credit!

And for incorporating their name (TAPS) in a statement plus associating it to another meaning (Magsi-TAPS, short for “magsitapos” = those who graduated… someone is really doing some head cracking for the resto!

And like Ate Neth, who craved for dessert, just beside the resto TAPS, is a known café. When you’re a Filipino or Tagalog and happen to see their posters or just read the place’s name, you’ll definitely known what they specializes at:

Isn’t it obvious?

And the café’s name… plus their funny tagline. (Sagging as to progressive tense of “sag” and same word sounds like “saging”, Tagalog for banana.) Someone’s doing their homework on… what do you call that? Homonyms?

It was mentioned that the owner of the 2 places are the same. Well, if it isn’t I bet they have one marketing group! The ambiance and lighting of the café is the usual yellow-lighted coffee shops but the posters are funny AND they serve pastries all and about, you guessed it: BANANA (or “Saging” in Tagalog)

Another witty poster. Saging at Kape: Ang bagong magka-peeling!

If you translate it by concept, it would mean, ‘Banana and Coffee: The New Couple (or Pair). But not they used the word “peeling” in which associated with an action you do before eating a banana plus the same word was substituted from “magkaPILING” which mean “together”.


The area is said to be FREE Wi-fi. Too bad I wasn’t able to bring Taynee (my AlBook) to test. But I believe it’s true because, this poster is placed in the very same KASAGINGAN KAPEHAN:

Monkey still associated with banana. The poster says (the one in red box, below “NO”) “Bawal magbrowse ug porno sites. Kung gahi ka’g ulo, hawa na lang”. It means, “If you’re hard-headed and still insist on browsing porn, go away!”. And “Maulaw ka oy!” means “Be shameful!” (or something like that).



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One response to “Davao Trip-Day5 (Part 2)

  1. Mar ion

    June 3, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    hello… so nice to read your blog.. just read it now.. matagal na pala ito sa internet… thank you so much! gawa namin ang mga posters


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