Davao Trip-Day6

20 Apr

My time is Davao is really up. As my last days here draws near, its making me “love” the place MORE.

It’s my 3rd to the last day. And my previous tan line isn’t enough to culminate my beach life in my short-lived vacation in Davao. So, as Ate Neth’s planned itinerary for us, another trip to a known beach resort called PARADISE ISLAND: Park and Beach Resort*. It’s also in Samal Islands. But instead of riding a barge because we brought the van, this time we simply went to a port where there’s a boat ride just bound to the said resort.

Simple as 1-2-3.
1.) Ride the boat bound for Paradise Island Resort. Fee: P12.00 (one-way)
2.) Disembark at the resort port. Pay P85.00 entrance.
3.) Enjoy.


The boats that pick up and drop off people to and from the resort.

Isabel, me and Pepay enjoying the short boat ride to the resort.

Janggo’s been quite from the house till the boat ride. L-Q? (lovers’quarrel)

The ride took about 3 to 5 minutes. It’s almost smooth sailing except on some parts that quite “wavy”.

A mountain sight during the boat ride. Not quite sure if it’s Mt. Talomo or Mt. Apo itself.

The beach front

Francis and I think that was Isabel at the beach front.

Pepay and Ella, there newly met friend sculpting I think either the whale or the turtle.

Francis playing with his toy car by the sand castle we built.

The sand is not totally white as that of Boracay but it’s fine and well, almost white. The feel is good enough to built structures like sand castles or so some sand sculpting with a little help from molders and water. Too bad our sand castle, whale and turtle were stepped on by some kid from the next table before I was able to take some photos of our work of art 😦

The waters are shallow in the mornings usually and is VERY clear. It’s my first time to encounter where it seems the waters have 2 temperature! The lower warm and the upper part is colder. I was even teasing the kids not to pee when they are near me. That I knew they are peeing since the waters are warm… hehehe.

Some proofs how clear the water is:

Here’s my reliable aqua shoes submerged in water. I’m already a few feet away from the shore. Water is just almost half way my lower leg.

Ate Ajie and Isabel posing by the shore.

Then Isabel attacks Ate Ajie. Attempting to get a piggy or shall we call it a turtle-back ride?

Ella and Pepay by the shore.

We didn’t stay later than 3pm. We were told that the tides usually come in by that time and the waves are quite nasty too. We had fun anyway, and my “tan” is enough already 😉

We weren’t able to visit the mini zoo in the resort. But on our way back to the boat, we found out that you can feed the fish and swim with them for a fee. Shocks! Lost opportunity 😦 Well, it’s another reason for me to come back though… hehehe.

Click here to view a short video I took on how clear the water is and what kind of fish are found just by the resort’s shore.


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