Davao Trip-Day7 and My Last Day

20 Apr

As always, I am late in blogging again. Same as the previous entry. This one’s written while I was waiting for my flight back home… 

Ok my time is up. I am already here in the airport and I am bound back to where I came from.

The gate and my flight’s time departure. DLA means Delayed Arrival I guess… for more than an hour!

My boarding pass…

I am really going back. Vacations over. Back to reality.

Now, to anyone who asked what the hell I am to do in my 1-week time in Davao, read my past entries! I had lots to do, 1-week time isn’t enough!

Yesterday was allotted in buying my presents to family and friends. I did a couple of rounds already a few days ago. I got myself a pair of pearl earrings, a sarong, some sari, wallets, bandanas for friends and a few kilos of pomelo for my family. I guess if my budget isn’t limited plus my baggage, I’ll be hoarding more pomelos and sarongs. Hehehe.

I was early to check in. My flights about 6PM and I’m in the airport around 4:30PM. My flight was delayed to 6:30PM. Typical of domestic flights in the country. Davao International airport is impressive. Way better than the Domestic Airport in Manila. It has Wi-Fi too bad it isn’t free. So I decided to write my way out so I won’t notice the time.

Well, my Day 7 in Davao is a little slower and stayed more in the house updating my blogs, sorting photos and doing my shopping. Went around the market area with Ate Neth and Ate Ajie. And right after dinner, they brought us in this place called Venue.

It’s a music bar. A wholesome family music bar, if I may say so. Smoking isn’t allowed and kids are really allowed inside the bar. Francis and Isabel are with us. I was kind of lazy to bring out my cam to take pictures. The management was kind of strict when they notice that Janggo was just wearing sandals. They kind of have a “dress code”. For men, slippers or “sandals” are not allowed. Janggo and Kuya Ge had to go back to their house to find Janggo some shoes that would fit him.

For a group of 6 it was I think about P300 or more but the fee is consumable! They had a couple of pitchers of beer, and believe it or not, I just had a couple of glasses of ice tea…and dove my hands in the munchies, hehehe!

There was a couple of bands in the line up. We saw the same band playing in Jack’s Ridge plus the other band was said to be from Manila. As expected they had 2 sets to play alternately. People were dancing, except me. I’d rather watch, drink (my ice tea and eat). Perhaps I am tired that I am not that anxious compared the other days. Or I am just sad that I knew my days is Davao is up.

By the 2nd set of the 1st band, I am passing out. Really. I was falling asleep even if the music was dance and upbeat. I went home with Ate Len and Kuya Ge. Just after changing into my PJs, I was drop-dead snoring.

The next day, early morning, I packed my things.

My Last Day

Nothing mucb of course. The saddest day perhaps when I came to me that it is indeed my last day in Davao. Just did few last packing of my pomelos and double checking my things.

We had lunch at Picobello, an Italian restaurant. Between 2-5pm they have a 50% promo. We had 4 different kind of pizzas and 2 pastas. We are all hungry I guess that I didn’t manage to take photos of the delicious food.

Their menu.

Gotcha, Francis! He’s drinking his mom’s mango juice!

Presenting the yellow team, kidding! Ate Len, Annie, Isabel and Janggo.

The nicest people that gave me a great vacation in Davao!

Kuya Ge, Francis and Ate Len

Ate Neth (my “ate” who gave me my Davao trip ticket as a present… Thank you so much!) and her talented and accommodating daughter, Isabel.

And Ate Ajie who was not in the picture.
Pepay who’s in her girls Scout camping.
Peng who’s at work on a Saturday (sipag!).

Again, thank you guys sooooo much for giving me a wonderful time in Davao. For inviting me and letting me a part of your family for 1 week Ü And for opening their doors again for my next visit…

Again and again… thanks a lot…

Daghang salamat!


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