Caught by the Spidey Bug

01 May

Ok, this is one quick blog. A few hours ago, I am one of the FIRST among the thousands of Filipinos who watched this movie:

Toby is still my Spider-Man

Overall, it was OK. But all the 3 villains combined in this movie, Doc Ock is still the best villain in ALL 3 Spidey movie to date! So, i guess Spider-Man 2 is still the best Spidey movie for me (and my VBF, Jose).

Remember there have been news that some actors of the said movie are having second thoughts if they’ll still be coming out as the same character in the next sequel. Well, watching certain scenes that made me react like “What the….” Now I know why these actors are having second thoughts. Hehehe…

The movie is fine with me. CG is still way better than The Hulk. There is still the infamous cameo appearance of Mr. Stan Lee himself with famous lines and we always notice how Mj’s outfits and shoes are soooo nice and pretty Ü But the movie for my VBF, Jose he is very much disappointed. He has been waiting for it for the past weeks since he got his hands on our sure seats advance tickets. Right after we watched it, he wanted to smash his head on the mirror and cry in blood in the men’s bathroom as he said it. I can’t blame him if there are some disappointing scenes (or more of shocking to me) since he is a comic reader… no, correct me, he’s an AVID fan of Spider-Man! truly, he is disappointed. He ate a lot for our lunch and up until I am writing this blog… he is still ranting (and still is beside me) 😦 I wonder how will Tobey get my VBF’s amor to Spider-Man (movies) back?

The ending? I’d say it was SAFE… whether there will be a seqquel after this movie or not, the ending is so-so. Like our comment with the storyline and dialogues in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is there an inflation of Filipino movie or telenovela writers invading Hollywood?

I’m not the type that spill the beans (that much)… I’d say go watch the movie! But don’t expect too much so you won’t get disappointed.

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