It’s A Girl!!!

09 May

Ok, to clear things out. I am not pregnant. I have friends yesterday buzzing me due to my status saying, “(nemcita) is glad that… IT’S A GIRL!”. I would be the happiest women in the world if I’s be a mother but at this time, I am not financially ready.

Anyway, it’s my dear friends, Myles and Ria who are having the baby. Congratulations, guys! Though I am to treat the whole creatives team because we (including auntie Rio, Ria’s twin sister) lost the bet. Both Rio and I wanted (and dreamt) that the kid be a boy. But as the ultrasound said:

I felt privileged that the couple invited me to join them yesterday. Milan and Audrey, their daughters were with us too. I was carrying Milan when they showed us the first shots of the baby. It was my first time to see a baby in being ultrasound. At first I couldn’t see a definite image. But when the visuals are becoming obvious, I was at awe. It moved. It kicked. It’s ALIVE!!!

One of God’s wonders… a living creature in one’s body… WOW!

It was really exciting. And me, being the makulit and perky one,  kept on asking the OB-Gyne if it’s really a girl. That if there’d be a chance that the organs had not fully developed yet. But for the fetus to be 5 months old, it’s gender is definitely obvious. Oh well… now that Myles and Ria have 3 girls: Milan, the eldest; Audrey, the second child and now, the youngest – Paprika!

Yup! Milan and Audrey named their baby sister even before we all knew her gender. Surely, Ika will be her nickname. Sosyal!

And this is Paprika’s first photo taken:

Wish there was a chance to ask for a video copy of the baby actually moving inside Ria’s tummy.

Yesterday made me realize something. Makes me feel special. I’m grateful that I’m a woman.

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Posted by on May 9, 2007 in Realizations, Simplified


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