Touched By An Angel

01 Jun

It’s one of my random blogging. Just awhile ago, my goddaughter, Milan, tagged my shirt and asked for a colored paper. At first, I was wondering what colored she was asking from me, until she pointed my yellow and bright pink Post-Its.

She asked for 2 of each color. Then carried her back into their room to her mom and little sister, Audrey.

On our way, I asked her to give me a bear hug and a long kiss. Well, this doesn’t happen everyday for she indeed gave me one. She even answered back when I said “I love you, Ate Milan”.

Aww… Sweetness!

And digging into my Powerbook, I found our photo 4 years ago.

Milan was almost 1 year old I think here and we are waiting for our turn in an all-girls PhilMUG portrait shoot given by Dominique James, himself.

Now, she (almost) looks like this… taken, more than a year ago on her sister’s 1st birthday (I think).

How time flies… for all we know, she’ll be in school or have kids of her own (Wait! Milan, Ni’ng ‘Ba first ha?!)


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