Despedida Centuries Ago… So?

05 Jun

It was Cholo’s despedida for Bangkok. He was assigned there. He was pulled back in the country and still I haven’t posted our despedida photos. Well, I still wanted to post it… I’m pretty happy and satisfied somehow in these photo so what the heck…

My first picture for that gathering… Queen and Mark-kee!

Aileen and Rio

Cute poses…

Until Rio did a funny face..

Rio and the other photographer, Myles!

Me and the ever-pretty, Queen

People on the other table…

Apple’s portrait… nakanaman!

Me showing Queen and Mark their photo

Rio, Reggie, me and Cy… great shot by Myles… we seemed to be in another place and country!

More group shots…

Barbie and Cholo

Rio and I

Chaw and I

After dinner at Hotshots… we all, well, almost half of the group went home and the remaining half went straight to…  sing and drink to their hearts delight!

The boys on the other side…

… and half of the ladies on the other

Barbie, me and Rio… after ahhh… a couple of beers?

Dennis, Cholo, me and Emily… after a few more beers…

And this photo, ended the day.


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Posted by on June 5, 2007 in Happy Gatherings


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