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Undetermined State and Recovery

Have you ever felt something you are uncertain of?

Right now I am not quite sure what kind of bug bit me. I have a DVD movie entitled “Garden State”. Was intending to watch it, when my VBF, Jose told me not to watch it at my “state” right now.

Am I denying what I am really feeling? Denying (or depriving) what I wanted or had in mind? All I know is that…



May be I should just watch Cher’s Las Vegas Concert.

That was Friday…


And over the weekend, again, I missed out working on my personal project because I went back home in my province. I carried my Powerbook and borrowed my officemate/friend, Nono’s stylus but the temptation is just as powerful as my will to contradict it. I was able to watch HBO and CSI Sunday Supreme in cable.


Now, I am chasing deadlines (again).

I still watched “Garden State”, Sunday night. It wasn’t as depressing as I expected it would be. I say it was a hopeful movie for hopelessly romantic sucker like me. Zach Braff as an actor, writer and director for this movie isn’t bad after all. I wish he’ll just break away from those loser-geeky-frustrating-desperate roles. He has something in him that I seemed can’t say what it is. Appeal? I really don’t know but check out his blog/website here. And Natalie Portman, will always be as pretty and talented as she can be.


And today is Monday… another week, another new month. May this be different… fruitfully different.


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More Than Meets The Eye…

… the catch phrase that will never be forgotten and will always be associated with “Transformers”, may it be for the cartoon series we are all familiar with and now with the movie.

With my impulsive decision making, I flee my work seat and headed for the nearest and nicest cinema I can think of to watch the said movie. I thought I’d be watching “Ocean’s 13” or “Fantastic Four 2” instead if I won’t catch an early evening screening. Thank God there was one showing a few minutes after my arrival.

It was meant for me to watch a Michael Bay movie.

Most of my friends still can’t believe that I can manage to watch a movie alone. At some point I got scared. But awhile ago, I don’t care if I’m alone or someone will be coming with me. I am determined to watch “Transformer” – TONIGHT!

And I’m glad I did because it’s all worth it.

I am at awe watching it. I still recall some comments, violent ones, over the internet of the movie’s story plot. After watching it, I see it isn’t bad after all. And if it to happen, the attacks, the war and I’m partly to be in some role it would be cool… no, AWESOME! Perhaps it’s how gigantic these Autobots and Decepticons are but they manage to hide and blend in. I mean, recalling the movie Godzilla, a huge reptile to hide in the sewers and buildings in New York is quite impossible but these “alien” beings… it can be probable.

I don’t want to spoil anyone’s delight by giving much detail here. I just want to share how happy and satisfied I am to be one of the firsts to watch it… experience it in the BIG screen.

It’s hilarious. One can relate to the dialogues, even the storyline. The kid, his character played it very well. I do really have a heart on the geeky, loser type ones… hahaha!

Computer graphics is smooth. I mean the details are heavy. But they way they transform… mehn! I don’t know how the help they figure out the movements. Hats off to the CG animators, to Michael Bay… to the whole production! I’m not really a fan, FAN of Transformers but I am familiar with it due to the cartoon series I used to watch over Saturday mornings when I was a kid. The emotion they wanted to show are even projected perfectly even without the talkies with visuals and sound/scoring supports. I’ll give it a complete 5-star rating!Mehn! I’d be hell proud if I was part of such production!

Watch it. Really. I recommend you watch it with someone you know will appreciate it as well. Hell! Watch it alone. Who cares if you laugh and comment by yourself! Given a chance, I’ll watch it again.

And for truth, having a car was on my very last priority because I am soooo lazy to (learn and) drive. But heck, who needs driving if I’ll have this kind of car…

A yellow Camaro to be my guardian, my protector and is named Bumblebee!

Oh. I almost forgot. They used a Linkin Park song (What I’ve Done) as part of their soundtrack… now, I am sooooo much loving it!!! Sorry, I am a biased fan of LP.

Just being me, Wonder Girl! Ü

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