Undetermined State and Recovery

02 Jul

Have you ever felt something you are uncertain of?

Right now I am not quite sure what kind of bug bit me. I have a DVD movie entitled “Garden State”. Was intending to watch it, when my VBF, Jose told me not to watch it at my “state” right now.

Am I denying what I am really feeling? Denying (or depriving) what I wanted or had in mind? All I know is that…



May be I should just watch Cher’s Las Vegas Concert.

That was Friday…


And over the weekend, again, I missed out working on my personal project because I went back home in my province. I carried my Powerbook and borrowed my officemate/friend, Nono’s stylus but the temptation is just as powerful as my will to contradict it. I was able to watch HBO and CSI Sunday Supreme in cable.


Now, I am chasing deadlines (again).

I still watched “Garden State”, Sunday night. It wasn’t as depressing as I expected it would be. I say it was a hopeful movie for hopelessly romantic sucker like me. Zach Braff as an actor, writer and director for this movie isn’t bad after all. I wish he’ll just break away from those loser-geeky-frustrating-desperate roles. He has something in him that I seemed can’t say what it is. Appeal? I really don’t know but check out his blog/website here. And Natalie Portman, will always be as pretty and talented as she can be.


And today is Monday… another week, another new month. May this be different… fruitfully different.


Posted by on July 2, 2007 in Emotional and Physical Turmoil


2 responses to “Undetermined State and Recovery

  1. badoodles

    July 2, 2007 at 1:20 pm

    wow nemcy, buti naman at namanage mo ang nanggugulo sa iyong emotional state. in chaos, when the dust settles, there will always be an order. lalim nun ah.

    at nakuha mo pang mag-movie marathon. pareho tayo, hehehe. kaya ngayon, parang adik akong naghahabol ng deadline in between blogging. haha! dalife. 🙂

  2. Nemcy

    July 3, 2007 at 4:10 am

    Thanks for commenting, Badz! Oo nga, medyo nawala ka sa blogging circulation… but glad you’re back.

    Manage? well, it’s ups and downs… lilipas din yun, ika nga. kaso nakakaasar lang na may mga distractions when all seemed to be running smoothly na. But it’s what you call life nga di ba?

    Buti na lang timing yung Transformers. Pinasaya muna ako. Geekness. Hehehe… Tapos medyo type ko na rin yata si Zach Braff… Naku! Why do I (heart) those geeky, depressingly losers type of guys… I mean, the celebrities na lalake.



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