All’s well that ends well

06 Jul

I do hope so. Yesterday wasn’t a pitch-perfect day. It started not quite well as a continuity from the previous night’s event. Thank God, it ended good enough.

I wasn’t able to prepare well on my client meeting-presentation. I drew the studies a few hours before the meeting. I made clean cardboard mockup of the size of their material. What I did is NOT advisable and I hate doing that ‘cause it really looks unprepared. But I don’t want to postpone the meeting anymore, but I was hoping the cancellation will be from theirs.

And then it rained hard. I texted the client for confirmation and they replied. I gave them a heads up that I am to proceed but due to rain, expect that I’ll be a little late. The meeting was pushed through. I was 30 minutes late.

It was always a good conversational startup when you know that the person you are talking to is a Mac enthusiast or is aiming to have one. The client at first joked me of why am I bring out my notebook and was looking for my “other” notebook. Told him I was having a “transition”. As a Mac user myself, I notice with any other Mac users that we are not that selfish on letting other future enthusiasts to touch our babies. I let him touch and try a couple of programs. I made him feel how great to have one even for a few minutes and made him realized why I am switching from 12” to 15”. Then he agreed.

Then I started my piece, my detailed “storytelling”: how to cut costs, why the size is recommendable, etc. etc.

They bought my presentation.

It was the first time I presented without a decent and impressive almost-final studies. And I closed the deal.


Perhaps I owe it somehow to Biggie, my newly acquired secondhand 15”, he’s my new baby now. He deserves to have the connotation, “magnificent”.

I got away with it this time. But I promise myself I will not do it again. I don’t like going to a meeting unarmed and unprepared. And indeed, that will not happen again.

Once is always enough.


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