Crying One’s Heart Out

07 Jul

Rainy days are here I guess. These past few days, it’s been cooler and rains and pouring either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. For some reason, every time that happens, traffic is soon expected to arise. It has always been a joke that if rain occurs in an unexpected time specially if it was pouring really hard as if the god Poseidon wanted to flood an area, some one is crying.

Crying in the sense that someone is singing… (badly)

And last night was no different. I, along with my videoke friends did cry. It’s been months since we got together once more and sing out till our breathes ran out.

Such get together is one clean and always fun night out for me. Way back, we used to drown ourselves with beer, food and then sing. Now, a decent dinner before heading to a videoke place then we sing. Before, I just used to drink and dine… lately, I do sing. Sing like when one is in the shower. As in sing as if no one cares. And it feels good afterwards.

Proof of the simple enjoyment we had last night:

Lotus and Lewie… the ultimate Karaoke Queens!

Bheng… ang nagbabalik-loob? with Lotus

And while they were busy singing…

… Lewie and I took the chance to take our photo. Hehehe!

My turn… kind of shy at first… I can’t recall what I’m singing here

Oh, now I recall what I’m singing… it’s HALF-CRAZY… as I see myself in this photo!

Lewie seemed to get bored or sleepy while I was singing…

But she suddenly wakes up when it’s her turn to sing!!! Hahaha!

Group photo…

… thank God for self-timers in camera.

By the way, when we ended the night, the pavement outside are went. It did rain after all.


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