For Real

30 Jul

I went home for the weekend to spent time with Tatay (my father). He is to fly for New Jersey tomorrow. I am happy for him of course but t the same time sad for myself. We will be far apart for quite some time.

Oh, yes. Can’t deny it now. I am not a spoil brat but I am daddy’s little angel.

I will miss him. Very much.

Tatay said he’ll fetch me from the office and take that chance to help me out put up the cabinet he bought me the other day! Yehey! We thought putting it up is just like building some structures with Lego blocks. But it took us hours… yikes!

(insert photo)

Here is an evidence of how my real Tatay (the one without a shirt on) and my other tatay-tatayan/college professor/friend/neighbor, Tats joined forces to help their daughter (that’s me!)

We went home a little past midnight. All are tired but I can say satisfied. The weekend will be spent mostly with Tatay.

I was awaken by familiar voices. It’s Nanay and Tatay fixing the backyard and conversing “normally”. Wow. Am I dreaming? It sounds so nice. I was happy to wake up despite realizing if it was too late for that “change” I am praying for. But just a few minutes I hear arguments.


Too good to be true.

But I sense there’s an attempt for some reconciliation somehow specially from Nanay’s part. Some attitude change? Whatever. Hopefully.

Tatay will be leaving tomorrow. It’s also his birthday… in flight. No stopping him now. I pray that God will protect my Tatay not just for the flight but for the whole time he’s away from us. I’m really going to miss him.

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