Last Minute Man

06 Aug

Some calls it cramming. For me cramming is for students or anyone non-professionals panicking before the deadline whether it may be studying for an example, submitting paper or doing a plate or project.

But for those who should be considered professionals, cramming is no… SHOULD be non-existent. That’s why you are to be called “professional”. Unfortunately, we have been working with what we call “Last Minute Man”.

• He lost his Final Artwork which he should be filling right after we gave it to him.

• He calls for a copy and states he needs it in a just a few hours? It was already archived. Archived meaning stored somewhere where it was suppose to be forgotten because the project is considered DONE.

• He calls for inquiry. He calls it inquiry but rather I call it stupid questioning. He “asks” what is “beautiful”: placing the copy in between the images or retaining where it is. He had that inquiry because there had been some “discussions” in their office. He called a few hours before the publisher’s deadline for the ad.

That’s just one of the 3 “inquiries” he did for that day. Calling 3 times for that afternoon. Let me save that for another entry.

Oh, by the way, we are paid to be handling their products branding and design.

He’s even embraces the idea of being the LMM. Professional. Wow.

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Posted by on August 6, 2007 in Rants, Realizations


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