Laugh in the Line

18 Aug

Nope. I am not in war. Well, perhaps mostly people here in our place are battling with the weather disturbance nowadays. It’s raining like it’s the end of the world! Of course, I am overreacting. But it is dark and pouring hard there in the open.

Despite the early cancellation of work for the day plus the rains, parking lots are still jam-packed on restaurants and gimik places. It’s even hard to get a cab with the rain. But luckily, I managed to call a cab for a little extra charge. Met up with Ate Neth, Ate Arma and the rest of the group for dinner and decided to experience something we’ve never done before…

… to go to a stand-up comedy bar!

My place can be considered to be in the heart of gimik places. Along Timig is lined up with establishments such as restaurants, coffee shops, banks, videoke/karaoke bars and of course, comedy bars. Yes, not just one nor just 2. I don’t know how many they are exactly but definitely it isn’t limited to just 2 in the area.

It was around a little pass 9PM. We reached this known comedy bar called LAFFLINE. Entrance fee was P300.00 and it’s non-consumable. Well, a P100.00 less is better compared to the previous comedy bar we attempted to check out.

It was a blasting experience. At first I am quite scared that these gay stand up comedian might had an eye on me or our group and use us for their piece. I have been warned for such but it was just for laughs of course. One has to be game in all the teasing and “pang-aasar” these gay comedians do. But it was really fun.

I think the primetime started a little past 10PM. Good thing we came in a little late. I noticed that early before the primetime or their main event/show, they do call in or even dragged an audience or costumer in front of the stage and let this person sing. But of course, it won’t be complete if they won’t tease you.

The comedians were all gay. Some just those fashionista type that cross-dress when it’s their turn for a skit or a performance. There was one who called himself Kinya (or something like that) dressed-up and imitated Whitney Houston and did some lipsynching. But aside from that he did some funny moves like attempting to lick this Japanese audience and he showed the top part of his butt. Another were two… um… I’m not really sure how to call them but definitely they are not just cross-dressers. Transexual or transvestite? I don’t really know but all I know is that they really look gorgeous and pretty. Slender toned body, long luscious hair and in long sexy night gowns! Plus they are so game and talented. They did some skit like a showdown of 2 divas and they started to fight pulling one’s hair and dragging her across the stage for real!!!

I won’t forget Donita when she did a solo number. She sang one of Aegis famous songs… sorry, I’m not a fan and not really good in remembering titles or names. But she did sang if as if she had a male duet. I wish I was able to record it but I was so astound with how she did it. Every time she changed voice from a male to female she turns from one side to another to indicate she’s changing personality. I’ve seen some performers of such in TV where they did have this silly costume of half-man, half-woman get up. But for Donita, her voice is just enough. She’s really good. No! She’s GREAT! She never missed a note! Just for her performance, the P300.00 entrance fee is worth it!

One of their main performers is Diva Ganda. He is a cross-dresser and is teased by his fellow performers as a horse. He sing well but what I like with him is that his wittiness in relaying jokes. His jokes are intelligent and really up to date. I mean from personal to the political issues of today. He used politicians in his topic plus of course sex won’t be missed out in any gay performance. Sex issues or topic will always be sensitive but it depends on who and how it is relayed. But Diva Ganda’s way is so funny. I was really laughing hard. He really hit GMA hard. He epitomized her really well. He’s hilarious.

Too bad because of the rain the comedy bar experienced a blackout. We waited for more than 30 minuted before the power came back. Of course, the show went on. They did a group performance. They sing really well. These gay performers looked really good. Either they look handsome as a man, or really gorgeous as a woman, or just funny looking. But as a whole they have substance. They have talent!

Given a chance I will definitely come back and have my photo op with these guys. I mean, I wished I brought my camera with me. May be I’ll celebrate my birthday watching them again. I don’t know. But all I know one should be brave enough to watch these performers. You should be game and never ever be judgmental. All are just for laughs, for fun! Those who judges and despises gay people… you’re missing a lot!

Come to think of it, an idea sparked when I was watching them. There’s this guy my team knows that I really despise because of his arrogance and his disrespectful to other people specially to homosexuals. May be I should plot a plan to trap him and bring him there. It will be a torture for him when these gay approach him… ngarharhar!

Evilness lurks.

Just call me, Wondergirl.

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