Deprivation and Sleepy Head

02 Oct

I am in my place, in my bedroom. Today is my second day of declared holiday. My team, led by my boss-friend declared a close shop. We are to have a vacation, or at least a break from work, from our client.

I have always told my friends that for me, the best vacation (and the cheapest one too) is just being by myself, at home, sleeping. Well, if I’m not asleep, just lodging around… doing whatever I like. Yeah. That one, doing whatever I like.

2 consecutive days I got up later than usual. But I still have to drag myself up. I just want to sleep all day…

Sleep all day…

Up until now, I’m wondering why I’m still sleepy despite the fact that I woke up late and got at least the 6 hours sleep?

What’s with me?

Am I depriving myself of simple self-gratification? But I have to finish up something. Well, honestly, that something has been a pain in the ass. ARGH!

I’d better give in to this sleepiness of mine. I got up at 8:30AM took a bath, ate breakfast and now it’s 10AM… I’m still sleepy.

Wish there’s a prince charming to wake me up and not some witch texting me!

ARGH! Life is not all f*cking fairytales.


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