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An Apt Movie Quote

I just turned 30. I was just hanging out one Saturday in our workplace when I decided to just Google some quotes on “being 30”. The results somehow hit me. How can I forget one of the film that well, proved that I am such a sucker for boy-meets-girl-girl-loses-boy-getting-back-together movies. It’s not just My Best Friend’s Wedding that made my hanky soaking wet! There’s another film… it’s 13 Going 30.

Yup, it’s where our aspired Alias ass-kicking chick Jennifer Garner and now an Affleck starred as Jenna turned 30 by just a wish from her 13th birthday.

Quoting one of her lines there, she said:

“Thirty, flirty and thriving.”

Wow. I wish I’d be half of what she was in that movie… or at least her body with an additional half of her weigh.

Where is this entry going to? I don’t know really. Perhaps I am after of the changes I SHOULD be doing now Nemcy Cruz is 30. I am on the thirty part… now can I flirt and thrive.

I won’t be wonder girl if I can’t be, right?

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