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State of Mind (Part1)

I have been watching Ugly Betty again since last week. And still proven that I have my heart for nerds and geeks… well, with a little plus factor on cute male ones like Henry from the Accounting Department. The show’s plot is really quite simple. And yet, it captures my heart perhaps either I can relay to it or simply just as I am attracted (or fascinated) to characters who are being “slaved” and stripped off with their possible happiness (such as Betty, the lead) and of course by those who are mean and evil (personified by Wilhelmina, the Creative Director of Mode, Mark, her gay assistant and Amanda, the receptionist and bitch friend of Mark).

Last part of the 5th episode for season 2 struck me. Betty’s line was:

“… I know everyone will say it’s a big mistake. I know that my heart’s going to be broken, but may be it’s going to be all worth it.”

Hmmm… romantic? Yes. I am a sucker for romance? Deny it if I must but obviously I am.

We choose who we like, hence, who we give our hearts to… if that what love is. Whether we know we’ll end up like in any fairy tale story living happily ever after (which not all times happens) or like Betty, end up broken hearted.

Let’s admit it… well, let me be the first in front of the firing squad, we are afraid to take the risk of getting hurt. Yet most of the time we plunge ourselves into the pit of uncertainty. But despite the claims of that being “uncertain” in love, at least 40% of it we know what will be the end result… the consequence, the outcome. Simplifying the equation, we know the story’s ending.

Bringing up the line I quite often used in my instant messaging status:

“Love is indeed a state of mind.”

With an emphasis on the word “indeed”.

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The Land of Smiles and the Land Across It

This entry has long been waiting in the drafts. Sorry it took quite long for me to post it. but anyway, here it is.

I am back. Yes. From the one week break/vacation from Cebu, the land of smiles. It’s my first time too to set foot on Visayas area. Thank God for low-cost air fare rates nowadays. So all hail to Cebu Pacific! Hope you can lower it further, specially trips to other Asian countries Ü

Anyhow, I am lucky too that I have friends from Cebu! Special mention are Jose and Addie. If not for these sweet friend of mine I won’t be able to see the beauty of Cebu (and Bohol). These guys are the best tourist guides and best vacation buddies ever! Why wouldn’t they? Who would pass up singing like in a karaoke for more than 2 hours while driving and heading towards the farthest part of Cebu? Or who would known best what and where you are going if you are not a local of the area? And how would you know if the food is good if you haven’t eaten there? I went to Cebu with a friend and as a bonus got to meet new ones too… Again, thanks guys!

Disclaimer: If I could remember it right, Jose commented a few days before my departure, the next time I come back in Cebu, I SHOULD meet straight men for a change! Hahaha! Well, consider that perhaps one of the reasons to go back indeed Ü

Details… details… details… o-oh! I am not as good as remembering names, locations moreover dates. But I do love to take pictures! Ü Let me just share to you guys “some” of the photos close to me heart… 😉

It was really hard for me to post everything here. Perhaps if you’d liked to see more visit my multiply site or simply clicking these links:

Conquering Cebu
Me and Some/one/thing Else <–– Thank God for Jose, for the first time I had decent solo pictures (last part of the album) 😉 Love you, Jose my VBF! Mwuah!

For a much detailed narration and more photos of our trip, visit Addie’s blog and Jose’s blog as well.

Love me? 😉


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Obligations And Traditions

Aggravation is usually blamed as caused by others. But right now, as I see it, if one let himself be aggravated it’s obvious that it is himself that’s causing his aggravation too.

Simply put, if you let yourself be annoyed, irritated, stressed or provoked then you definitely be aggravated.

Right now, I am in the middle of some misunderstandings in my family. Torn between siblings and my own mother. As far as I don’t want to be involved, I have to somehow intervene. Half of me says I have to help. Perhaps it’s blood that pushes me to somehow meddle but the other half is annoyed and angry or simply pissed off with how they are acting and how they complicate a really simple problem.

I really wish I am insensitive, stone-hearted and really, really a bitch. If I am, then perhaps I won’t be in this umm… situation.

But somehow… well, I wish all is ok now. Clear on each sides but I’m sure there will be one that will feel bad. You can’t really please everybody.


As part of the Filipino culture, as implied by Christian traditions every since the Spaniards colonized us up until I can remember, every start of the month of November, we go to the cemetery to offer prayers, flowers and lit candles to commemorate our dead family members. We have our grandparents and my uncle all from my mother’s side buried 6 feet under for more than 2 decades I think.

I am one of those that usual stays from morning till late night. Out of boredom, I decided to play with the candles and my handy-dandy ever reliable camera phone Ü

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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This was written a few days ago on the day of my birthday. I was unable to post it, just now.

Today is my birthday. In a few minutes, the day will be concluded. In all fairness, today wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.

I had a few mischance since yesterday and the previous entry will stand as a proof. And that unfortunate events continued up till this morning. Like the bus I am riding going to work, it suddenly stopped in the middle of a busy highway. It seemed that these events welcomes my birthday.

And I am 30.

I really don’t know what to say. Honestly, I am wishing that I have a different life at one moment but afterwards I’d be thankful of what I am now. I may not be the happiest person in the world nor the most proud of where and what I have. I always wish things… well, life eventually, is at least a bit simplier?

Well, I never imagined before where I am now. Nor have I plans, as in REAL plans of the future. Perhaps, I should start now.

I may not have the riches of some other 30’s people have. I don’t have my own place, my own car, my own pet, a husband or a boyfriend or a family of my own. I don’t even have some thousands on my savings account. I even have this strong feeling that I may not reach another 30 years. But I’m glad I’ve reached 30 in a really quite different situation.

I am still fighting and hoping that my immediate family and my close friends will understand that happiness, success and even stability is not measured by the money you earn or the number of digits in one’s bank account. Perhaps, if I have those I’ll consider it as a bonus.

I am not absolutely or perfectly happy. If it’s perfect what’s the thrill? Perhaps that’s the whole point of where I am now and all those rants and tears. But I am happy. I’m going circles in what I am writing here. But who cares? It’s my birthday. My point is, I am old and I have no way or denying nor stopping it. I better embrace it.

I am happy… I should be. Friends are quite satisfied with the pasta dish I prepared awhile ago. A few hours of chats and skyping with some friends outside the country. Still on my post to work. Some SMS greetings here and there. Nothing so special about this day. Well… there’s one in particular that closed it and gave me not just a smile but more of a leap of heart 😉


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