State of Mind (Part1)

30 Nov

I have been watching Ugly Betty again since last week. And still proven that I have my heart for nerds and geeks… well, with a little plus factor on cute male ones like Henry from the Accounting Department. The show’s plot is really quite simple. And yet, it captures my heart perhaps either I can relay to it or simply just as I am attracted (or fascinated) to characters who are being “slaved” and stripped off with their possible happiness (such as Betty, the lead) and of course by those who are mean and evil (personified by Wilhelmina, the Creative Director of Mode, Mark, her gay assistant and Amanda, the receptionist and bitch friend of Mark).

Last part of the 5th episode for season 2 struck me. Betty’s line was:

“… I know everyone will say it’s a big mistake. I know that my heart’s going to be broken, but may be it’s going to be all worth it.”

Hmmm… romantic? Yes. I am a sucker for romance? Deny it if I must but obviously I am.

We choose who we like, hence, who we give our hearts to… if that what love is. Whether we know we’ll end up like in any fairy tale story living happily ever after (which not all times happens) or like Betty, end up broken hearted.

Let’s admit it… well, let me be the first in front of the firing squad, we are afraid to take the risk of getting hurt. Yet most of the time we plunge ourselves into the pit of uncertainty. But despite the claims of that being “uncertain” in love, at least 40% of it we know what will be the end result… the consequence, the outcome. Simplifying the equation, we know the story’s ending.

Bringing up the line I quite often used in my instant messaging status:

“Love is indeed a state of mind.”

With an emphasis on the word “indeed”.

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Posted by on November 30, 2007 in Realizations


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