On Leave

05 Dec

Yup. Starting today, I am taking a break (again). I am flying with my VBF, Jose with his family to Boracay in a few hours from now. Ate Marj, his sister and Den-den, Ate Marj’s fiancé will be married in the said paradise and yours truly was given the opportunity to document the ceremony.


Am I excited? Who wouldn’t? Of course, I am.

… but I’m a little tense. Who wouldn’t? Good thing I am with Jose, I won’t be alone in capturing these precious event in their lives.

I’ll be gone from my work post for almost a week. But I made sure that my responsibilities are either done or taken care of. It’s better that I have a clean slate so I can be more relaxed and will enjoy this last vacation for this year 😉

My eyes are drooping now… I guess it’s a sign. But all the people here in Jose’s house are very much awake. Still packing and preparing I guess.

And to end this entry… let me share a strip that I saved a couple of months ago. Thought it might be useful some day…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well, I hope this won’t happen to me. I MADE sure it won’t happen to me. Made sure I finish my duties and left no worries to me team… and I’m sure my boss-friend is not mean. (Thanks, Myles!)

I’ll see you guys soon… Will try to post photos if I get the chance.

Good luck to me… to all of us.




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