Daily Archives: December 13, 2007

State of Mind (Part 2)

Since I have nothing to write about, why not dwell a little bit more of the “state of mind” thing again. But this time, in my own perspective… or rather in my own experience.

As I’ve said previously, we choose who we like or love, hence it’s both a state of mind.

Let’s take some scenario of 2 guys with identities of Guy 1 and Guy 2. Comparatively speaking…

Guy 1                                        Guy 2
– cute/handsome                   – cute/handsome
– nice and entertaining         – nice and entertaining
– talked to                               – talked to
– gone out with                       – gone out with
– not met by everyone           – not met by everyone
– liked or everyone has a
crush on him

Crossing out the similarities, Guy 1 is dominant than the other by equation and perhaps due to popularity based on looks because not everyone has met both of the guys.

Now, since I’m the one in concern, it’s my story and I’ve chosen Guy 2 for these realizations:

– Guy 1 is really cute/handsome and also very nice. To think he could have been “build up” to me because general public likes/likes him. Popularity wise, he is the winner.

– I could really have liked/fallen for Guy 1 BUT Guy 2 came in the scene.

– But as always, I don’t go for popularity. I’d always go for the simple and non-popular ones. To think a lot of my lady friends liked Guy 1, imagine the competition 😉

Persuasion is also a choice. You get to be pursued by the majority or you CHOOSE your own path. In this case, it’s who I’ll like (or love?).

To simplify it further, I don’t go for the majority usually. Perhaps thinking that I may have rivals, I also prevent “complications” to occur. Plus I don’t just get stuck into the physical attributes of a person. Don’t get me wrong. Both guys are really, really nice… beyond what I really expect. I got to know and be with these guys more than the judging majority. Guy 2 just have that something got me to like him more than Guy 1.

But all the same, I may have chosen Guy 2 over Guy 1. Liked Guy 2 more than Guy 1. But I won’t be pursuing neither. Why? Both are quite younger than me.

See? After all the explanation of Guy 1 and Guy 2, after all the equation, computations and analysis I end up with none of them because that’s what I’ve chosen. I do feel “excited” when Guy 2’s online, when he drops some SMS or just seeing our photos together. It’s nice to feel the “kilig” or tingling feeling once in a while. But you know what? In the end you’ll always be JUST friends.

So there you have it. A proof that love is indeed a state of mind.