Wrap Up

31 Dec

2007 Christmas break was the longest Christmas vacation I’d ever had as an full-time employee for the past 8 years of being a member of the work force. Right after my Thai friend, Ten came and visited the country, I went home in my province and spent Christmas and New Year with my mother. Between those 2 holidays, there are some idle days that made me bored from watching TV and just being at home. So, I decided to hop on a bus and go back to Manila to check on my place and “clean” it. Yup. Despite the fact that I haven’t furnished it in a year, it still get dusty… pollution, what can I say?I guess once a workaholic, stays a workaholic? Nah. It’s not being addicted on work… I never was. I guess working is my pastime too? Oh my. Better think of other things to do beside “working” 😦 I really got bored in the province that even alone in my unit, I’d rather be there. Consider it a “me time”. I just stayed 2 nights there and went back home by the 30th.

So what did I do there? Aside from cleaning up, I fixed my cluttered stuff. Guess who are my other occupants?

And a new member of the group, that the givers (Tats and Gou-dess, my loving neighbors… thanks! Mwuah!) claim that he’s an elephant because they knew I loooooove elephants. It was an elephant that ate too much egg that made him transform into this…

Yup. That’s him. He still has no final name. May be someone can suggest what I’d name him 😉 Oh! I’d be needing 2 names. Because by the time I’ve posted this (because I’m late again) I have 2 of these elephant-parrots.

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