My Best Things in 2007

11 Jan

This is one of my entries that took a while to finish and to be posted. Well… now that it’s done, there’s no more excuse of delaying it.

Friends, as the title says, these are the things (that I can recall) that made my 2007 a memorable one:

1) Thailand trip – a chance given by my work that opened the idea of traveling beyond my country and opened the doors to other next best things of the year 😉

2) Meeting Ten – he is the first Thai male person I knew and was really kind and accommodating. I consider him my first Asian friend 😉 He visited the Philippines before the year ended Ü

3) Meeting Put – another Thai gentleman who’s the best friend of Ten. Like his friend, he too showed me around Bangkok and gave me an unforgettable experience in Thailand

4) Recovery from an idealistic love life… the hopeless romantic thing… and yes, I am still single

5) An all expense paid trip to Boracay for 1 whole week… thanks to the newly weds, Ate Marj and Den!

6) A successful (and unforgettable) wedding coverage in Boracay – surviving it for it’s my FIRST wedding photography gig as a main photographer

7) Meeting Gian – from a client that heads the Thailand team to becoming a dear friend that shares his feelings and experiences to me and vice versa. Still looking forward to our bonding moment, Gian 😉

8) Cebu trip – thanks to Addie and Chong that showed me around Cebu City, to the southern parts of region and to it highest point! And introducing me to their lovely gay friends 😉

9) Cebu Pacific Low-cost Airfare – opened the doors for traveling… specially mine 😉

10) Got a salary raise… thanks, bosing Myles

11) Tatay’s approval for his US petition… I miss him though 😦

12) Got my own rented place… though still unfurnished up till now 😦

13) Good neighbor friends named Tats (my college professor “tatay”) and Gou!

14) Davao trip: all-expense paid trip too… Ate Neth, daghang salamat Ü

15) An extended family… from the Jamitos, to the Daños, to the Ardivillas

16) Blessed with “Ate’s” (older sisters) I never had… Ate Neth, Ate Marj and Ate Arma

17) To Apple… for listening and supporting me despite the fact that I can stand to be her “ate” for my age, she listened to my rants and raves over a certain guy… Thanks dear!

18) To Tita Ching Ardivilla and Kuya Nicky San Pedro for helping my brother lessen the detention time in Qatar

19) That my brother is safely home from Qatar

20) That my niece Noelle, that she’s improving from PDD (Partial Developmental Disorder)

21) For a team that’s becoming a “family”, despite the differences, critisms, insults and challenges, we stand solid, united and with pride.

22) For clients, may they be good or not so good, for bringing out the best and very worst in me (take note of the double superlative word usage there)

23) A new children’s book project

24) Met and got to know Brianyup, I should thank you for making me suddenly smile before (I feel stupid thinking about it now), for listening, for the company, for your “speeches” that up till now most of it I can’t dig but for still some unexplainable reason I feel good hearing them from you and for just being with you then… We don’t do it anymore, I really miss it. I guess it was for my best though.

25) I can’t remember anything elsebut God knows I am thankful if I miss out mentioning other people that made my 2007 and events/situations…

True enough what the saying has been telling us…

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…”

Thanks to each and every person I encounter for 2007… Thanks for making it a little different.

Late as it may be… have a happy 2008 to all of us! 😉


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2 responses to “My Best Things in 2007

  1. Larry

    January 21, 2008 at 9:48 am

    andaming blessings ni mama! 😀

  2. Nemcy

    January 21, 2008 at 10:03 am

    Hey, Baby Larry!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting… well, eto lang naalala ko, hehehe… it helps to recall good things that happened di ba para ma-inspire ka at di basta-basta bumigay sa depression o ano pa man 😉

    Wishing you the best to, Larry! Teka how are you na ba? Ü

    Take care…


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