22 Jan

I was having a TV time with my good neighbors after they shared their hefty dinner with me last night. There’s this station in cable that plays old Tagalog movies. Last night I got to watch the latter part of an 80’s movie on a struggling woman who dealt on poverty and other life’s trials, became rich and yet still dealt with problems. (Quite familiar, huh?) Can’t believe I was able to identity almost all of the actors and actress in the said movie. The lead actress in that movie is now one of the top people in a local and competitive TV stations in the country today. We were laughing on how they deliver lines, how they react and worst of all, how they are dressed up. But there’s one line delivered by this lawyer, a supporting role to his son who betrayed and plotted a lot of troubles for the lead star:

“My son, all these years you still haven’t learn… that the key to success is loyalty.”

He delivered that line after he lets these 2 goons beat his son in front of him.

That was one strong message for a movie made that time.

Loyalty is the key to success… I get what the lawyer-dad pointed out. Movies are obviously a direct imitation of life.  Why do you think telenovelas are hitting the hearts of Filipino viewers? Because they see themselves in the main character in a story. They can relate if not aspire.

Loyalty is the key to success… it does indeed bring one’s success if it is compensated properly. Simplified as the pet dog, the so-called man’s best friend defensive and protecting his master and he gets a pat on the head, a hefty meal or even a walk. But a dog however loyal you think he may be can suddenly growl and angrily bite you to death. Why? Because you did wrong to him. You destroyed his trust to you.

Trust… I say it goes with loyalty. One wouldn’t trust anyone if the one you trusted isn’t loyal at all. Trust is earned as well as loyalty…

PhotobucketI guess some might be violently reacting in my ending statements… some reminders or even “patama”. Trust, loyalty and in addition to those, respect… all these three in my life, I believed are earned. They are freely given. And if anyone claims they garnered these or even thought certain people in their lives deserved such attributes… well, think again. You might have to re-evaluate, re-consider, re-assess for it you thought you rendered your people enough, think again. Because you might have mistaken and will generously lose more than you thought you are gaining. These you trusted, gave importance too because you thought they are loyal might have disrespected if not you but other people.

One of my principles is quite simple actually. If I see you disrespect, bash or backbite others, you don’t deserve my respect and my trust. Because if you can do that to others you definitely can do that to me. I draw the line. I don’t want to be associated with you.

Careful of who you feed on your palm and protect. In the end, they might be the ones who’ll bite your neck and suck your blood.

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Posted by on January 22, 2008 in Realizations, Simplified


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