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Away Time… Layo Muna…

Ratratan… gulatan… magic-kan…

‘Yun ang tawag ko sa mga nangyayari sa akin nitong mga nakaraang araw.  Pakiramdam ko talo ako. Pagod kada tapos ng araw. Well, I guess ganu’n talaga ang buhay…

Basta alam ko, bukas, aalis kami ng nanay ko kasama ang ilang mga kaibigan n’ya. Mahigit isang dekada na akong ‘di napupunta du’n. Basta malayo lang sa gulo at lumamig ang ulo… game na!

Bukas, lalarga kami. Pero ngayon, kailangan ko munang maisip pa’no ako makakauwi. Me rally na naman…

I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Mr. Lion Head!

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Friends, Food and Flagging

It was a long weekend. I decided to stay in my unit instead of the usual going home in the province. There was some work to be done (even though it’s a weekend) but let’s just save that to another entry…

So what’s with the past weekend? Nothing much. Though I have this really strong feeling that my nanay is quite mad at me because I didn’t go home. I just feel it because I never received any SMS message back from her. I just had to set back on my own, in my pad and do some things…

So what are those things?

Shared meals with my good neighbor-friends, Gou and Tats. Some lightning hit us and decided to try re-creating that famous Thai food Gou and I ate (in separate chances) in Bangkok. Gou bought the ingredients and yours truly was the chef. Yup! With Thai noodles, ground pork, shrimp and chili paste, we tried to remake Phad Thai.

And with a little chopping, stirring and sauteeing, it came out like this:

It was good. Really. My neighbors said it was and we ate the left over the next day and it even tastier 🙂 It was something new to me and felt good that I was able to cook and other appreciate it.

Was happy there. Satisfied and REALLY happy.


I have lots of things in mind… we’ll of wanting to write these “ideas” coming into my noggin. But I guess I was procrastinating and yeah, lost the good thoughts. But I will try to retrieve it and may be next time write it immediately and not delay it. For now, I’m flagging it… and will really get back to them, specially the Gretchen thing 😉


I got hooked up again watching these DVDs of FRIENDS. Even though I’ve watched it for how many times, these bunch still makes me laugh hard… so hard. And I still like Chandler Bing over Joey. Oh my… I’d be staying up late watching it until my eyes drop by themselves… wehehehe.

Addictive, I say.



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Coffee, Internet and the Name Game

It’s been awhile since I kind of hang out in a café or coffee shop. It was just one of those spontaneous days. I was to go home in our province but decided to hitch with my really nice neighbor-friend Gou on her way to her work… on a weekend. Since I have my Biggie 2 with me, I decided to give it a try connecting over the net. While exploiting the free wifi in Starbucks Galeria, which is by the way quite fast and stable (free advertisement!)… I decided to get myself my usual: Iced Caramel Macchiato.

It’s the usual procedure: go to the counter, state your order and they ask your name. Well, since I have such an unusual name, I have to spell it aside from saying it: “It’s Nemcy. That’s N-E-M-C-Y.” And still, I got this…

This is the first time that I got “Netsy”. Other names I’ve been baptized with were:
– Mercy
– Marcy
– Nercy
– Mency
– Nancy… without spelling it.
– Nemsy… The nearest of my real name so far.

It just never changed, doesn’t it? May be I should go for just plain Anna or Sam.

Well, at least the internet is stable. Despite the bad name thing, I’ll still come back to that Starbucks branch… if I am in the area with my Biggie of course 😉


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A Face of Another Hell

I had to let this out…

The last minute of VDay. Sadness peeked in. While lying in bed, about to sleep I gave in with this thought of wishing about this guy…

Texted a few dear friends who knew about it. Received a message a while ago telling me what I actually expect of them to say.

I already knew actually what to do. I advised it to other friends as well. It’s just that it’s really hard to apply it when it’s you who’s in that situation now.

Professed it or not, I made a decision. I HAVE to deal with it. Vulnerable that I am, I liked him (from hating him at our first encounter) quite fast, got along with him, I think I fell quite hard and expected too much. Now it’s taking a long time to get over it.

A hard thing to swallow is the mistake I made of thinking, of hoping despite the self-reminder that it could be just a one-way thing. I hoped. I really hoped.

Recovery is hell.

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After the Day of Redness

The day after Valentine’s Day… I can hear now some rants that their flowers where not delivered, that it was hell of a traffic, etc. etc. And some that raves that their date was a hit, or the boy/girl was so sweet, blah, blah…

Well, as a friend called the Vday… commercialism. Can’t blame him. Good thing I didn’t get used to this day going out. Yup. Read between the lines, I AM SINGLE.

For me it’s simple an ordinary day. Supposedly. Wake up, prep to work, go to work, work (with some texting and chatting in between reciprocating greetings if there’s any by the way), go back home.

Well, for a change I cooked dinner shared with my very nice friendly neighbors, Gou and Tats.

So, yesterday was ordinary for me but undeniably special for the majority. Good for them. I experienced the eagerness with officemates who have dates, panics from my friends who still doesn’t have any who are used to going out on Vday and misery from the singles (like me) who hates this day because of the traffic and the people who are over-reacting. Ok, let’s just admit you are even for just a little envious of non-single people.

Well, I am. Yup. For years. And I just got used to it. Acceptance if you may call it.

I avoided taking a cab on the thought that I’d be experiencing traffic since my place is in the whole stretch of restaurants and bar plus thinking that it would be quite hard to get one. But oddly, a handful of cabs passed me by empty and checking if I’d be hailing them out. I guess many daters have their own cars… hehehe. But the traffic I’m always right about it. The moment the jeepney turned to Morato, it’s a little hellish. Took about 10 minutes to reach the other end of the street. And that was about 8pm.

Flower vendors are everywhere. Selling real roses or those plastic and almost real-looking roses. Love songs are being played out loud on the streets. But take note, I guess now they are recognizing those people that are single and/or broken-hearted. I heard “Almost Over You” being played. That was a change.

I remember a certain part of this Ally McBeal show when she said about her watching romantic movies, seeing couples kiss, listen to love songs, somehow it makes you feel good because if love doesn’t work on you at least it’s visible to others. Well, it’s true. Envy and bitterness kicks in at times on me, but I’m still a sucker for romantic flicks. I guess Ally McBeal’s line justified it.

Oh. And I don’t really feel so bad yesterday. I have good friends to share my home-cooked experiment dinner with (and they really liked it!), didn’t experience one hell of a traffic, got my salary earlier (yehey!) and along with my female officemates, I received a long-stem rose … a little surprised there actually. Thanks, Nono Ü

So, being single and dateless on a Valentine’s Day isn’t bad after all. Well, I got used to it, got over it and survived! Woooohoooo…

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My FIRST Series

Well, a lot has happened to me that can be considered first since last year. Like travelling (considerably) alone to another country on business/work reason. First Asian country visit which is Thailand. First wedding photography coverage as the main photographer… and the likes. But now, let me do some documenting on the probably the initial series for 2008.And let me start of with, I think that was last Wednesday, a day I’m quite busy with computing some numbers for this new countertop project when my boss friend blurted out to the whole group to come and view his iMac. Jose, just sent him an email and YM-ed him if I was there because I didn’t notice him (Jose) YM-ing me. Well, guess who’s in the cover of a (tabloid) newspaper?


It was mentioned already to me by Jose and Ate Marj, her sister. It didn’t sink into me until I saw the evidence…

Yup, that’s me alright. (And Jose holding the paper, thumbed up) Not the one in white! Silly! The one in yellow shirt and taking a photo. Well, that’s my back actually.

Read the photo caption? Samantalahin habang maganda pa? (translation: Take advantage while still beautiful?) Hahaha. Everyone had a laugh when they read it. Now, who or what do you think should be taken advantage off? Hehehe. Jose seemed to be selling me here… well, to those who knew it was me, it seemed I’m the one who should be taken advantage off. Well, I don’t mind, if… hihihi… I’m kidding, of course.

Focus here on what’s to be written, Nemcy!

Ok, going back. It was taken in Boracay by Jose. Actual there’s photo no. 2 of that exact spot, only I looked backed at him with my pinky finger pointing out… such gayness! (That’s a self-compliment, excuse me)

Oh well, so much for my first front cover… well, my back in a cover (tabloid) story… oh, whatever you may call it. As long as it’s a first and a surprised one (to me and to those who’ll see it that knows me).

Jose, dear… don’t forget my copy, ok? 😉

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Being Bright and Articulate

Well, I guess I’m into “books” lately. Hahaha. I’m not reading. I mean, another blog entry on me and thoughts in books.

It’s just nice seeing kids still read and into books these days. Despite the facts that learning, information and even games for children is within arms-length via internet. I mean that figuratively and literally speaking. We have 2 kids in our office-home that know how to use the computers and navigate the internet at ages 3 and 5… and of course, still loves books.

I wish that they won’t lose that interest up till I’m 6 feet under. Or should I say, that books are still being produced that till even though there are no more paper being manufactured since there are no more trees when these kids are adults and I’m dead? Oops! Too much imagination on me now… let’s save that to another entry.

Just the other day, as I was (and always) in my office post and Mr. Boredom paid visit (again). I decided to finally browsed some of my mails. And at the same time, I was having a chat with my writer friend on YM. I don’t know how it started but we ended up talking about history. I aksed her what’s her thoughts on history and/or books. She told me and I quote: “History books holds lies agreed upon by survivors”. It was liftred rom what Napolean Bonaparte said. Now, will always be one thing stuck in my head about Bonaparte there. That he, a small in stature yet conquered great nations though died somehow in vain/failure because he didn’t believe in superstitions (that cursed chair that he sat on) according to “history” books, he said that history is but a fable agreed upon. FABLE.

Those who wrote history are usually the winners. Losers have no version of the story.

Hmmm… it’s always a left-right case. A black or white. No middlemen. No safe side?

Hmmmm… but on that thought that winners do write what we are reading, how sure are we now that what we write are true enough to be believed and passed from one head to another?


Well, that was some boredom-breaking chat… hehehe. Thanks, Gou! 😉

But somehow, it cleared my head perhaps why I’m not really into history. Perhaps, history is indeed HIS-STORY.

Just my thoughts… no harm done 😉

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