Nose Bleed

08 Feb

Well, that term above there (the title I mean) has been a running joke I think even before I was born. I’ve seen this “nose bleeding” scenario used in a movie when this sexy actress conversed with another actor that spoke quite articulately in English. Simply put, blood ran through her nose (even her ears I think) because she didn’t understand [the language] the other person is using on her.

Was it just me or am I really having some “nose bleed”?

It’s not on the English speaking part, I hope. Or else I do have to go back in kindergarten to re-learn English. I’ve lived with my brother in the US for quite sometime and dealt with real English-speaking Americans (real Americans I mean, not those pretending to be ones because of their “twag” accent). I have an uncle who’s an Aussie, and we all know that Brit English has an accent. But lately, there’s this person when I’m talking with or even just listening to him, seemed to give me a headache afterwards. I really, didn’t understand what he’s communicating? 

Ano daw? (translation: What did he just said?) That’s what I say to myself after he’d spoken.

If my head throb does that mean my brain is starting to bleed?

Oh my…. I hope not!

He isn’t a lawyer. Lawyers has this English that is “legal” English as I call it. But this person is neither a politician too with all those flower-y…. oh… 

He could be turning into… oh. 

*on my knees, praying* Dear God… shield me from evil. Protect me from dumbness.

I hope it’s not contagious.

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