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On Reading

I was a book person. As my Ate Perla used to tell me, when I was a kid, about 4-5 years of age, she sees me holding a book in a corner, pretending to be reading. Pretending because at that age I can’t read yet but she heard me reading. I like to invent stories based on the pictures or visuals that I see in a book.

From books to comics: I don’t have comics like those heroes from Marvel or DC. It was only when I was in college that I encountered such comic publishing and found out that there’s a “clan” of superheroes and villain that sometimes crossover from one world (publishing, I mean) to another. The comics I grew up with are local Philippine comics that lately were being revivived. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with TAPUSAN, HIWAGA, PILIPINO, ESPEYSAL (not sure if the spelling is correct), KOMIKS and TAGALOG. These are local comics that pertains to life. I guess those where the telenovelas being emulated that are raking the ratings these days. Add to these comics are the magazines, not the fashionable ones, but more of a non-visual comics. I recall their names as LIWAYWAY and KISLAP they have insights of local actors back then and a lengthy non-fictional short stories that are not so short after all. Because once you got hooked up on it, you had to wait for a week at least for the next magazine to be published. And it was just lately that I learned, Rio Almario, Philippine’s National Artist for Literature once head one of these magazines! I guess, Filipinos are quite literate back then, if not in English at least in our very own language. Both comics and magazines are commonly read, borrowed or brought at local sari-sari stores but my Nanay had a weekly subscription of them. She used to have a parlor within our yard that ran for years. It stopped when she acquired from allergies from a certain perming chemical.

A sample of KOMIKS before. Found this over the internet.

Here’s a TAPUSAN sample… obviously digital printing/color separation is not quite perfected back then. See the character in the lower right corner? I think that’s Joseph Estrada in his thinner and acting days before he entered politics and even became our country’s president.

Life was slower back then. Aside from being just a kid then, I guess I say that life is quite in a hurry now because personally, I don’t have time in reading. I mean, as a friend once told me, it isn’t that you DON’T have time… it’s more of you don’t MAKE time for anything. In my case, reading. I love to read… before. Well, I can still go back in some reading habit. Well, I’m trying to right now. But those books, magazines and even graphic novels are all piled up beside my bed, accumulating dust and Charlotte the Spider perhaps created her web there.

Reading makes me fall asleep. It’s like a sleeping pill. Specially if it doesn’t have any illustrations or visuals on it, I won’t be able to finish the book. In a few seconds, I’ll be dozed off. And I’m talking about books that after all interests me or have relation with my work. Imagine if you give me books that are non-work related AND not of my interests? Newspaper? History books?

Does it have pictures?… Imagine me asking that.

Aa neighbor-boring friend once handed me her TV remote control and told me to watch National Geographic and/or Discovery Channels if I’m looking for pictures or visuals. Oh, she’s a writer by the way.

Again, I’m saying… I don’t hate books. Actually I want to love them more and appreciate them… by reading and not dozing off while reading.

If there’s any non-lethal medicine for anti-sleeping while reading, kindly refer it to me.

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