Being Bright and Articulate

12 Feb

Well, I guess I’m into “books” lately. Hahaha. I’m not reading. I mean, another blog entry on me and thoughts in books.

It’s just nice seeing kids still read and into books these days. Despite the facts that learning, information and even games for children is within arms-length via internet. I mean that figuratively and literally speaking. We have 2 kids in our office-home that know how to use the computers and navigate the internet at ages 3 and 5… and of course, still loves books.

I wish that they won’t lose that interest up till I’m 6 feet under. Or should I say, that books are still being produced that till even though there are no more paper being manufactured since there are no more trees when these kids are adults and I’m dead? Oops! Too much imagination on me now… let’s save that to another entry.

Just the other day, as I was (and always) in my office post and Mr. Boredom paid visit (again). I decided to finally browsed some of my mails. And at the same time, I was having a chat with my writer friend on YM. I don’t know how it started but we ended up talking about history. I aksed her what’s her thoughts on history and/or books. She told me and I quote: “History books holds lies agreed upon by survivors”. It was liftred rom what Napolean Bonaparte said. Now, will always be one thing stuck in my head about Bonaparte there. That he, a small in stature yet conquered great nations though died somehow in vain/failure because he didn’t believe in superstitions (that cursed chair that he sat on) according to “history” books, he said that history is but a fable agreed upon. FABLE.

Those who wrote history are usually the winners. Losers have no version of the story.

Hmmm… it’s always a left-right case. A black or white. No middlemen. No safe side?

Hmmmm… but on that thought that winners do write what we are reading, how sure are we now that what we write are true enough to be believed and passed from one head to another?


Well, that was some boredom-breaking chat… hehehe. Thanks, Gou! 😉

But somehow, it cleared my head perhaps why I’m not really into history. Perhaps, history is indeed HIS-STORY.

Just my thoughts… no harm done 😉

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Posted by on February 12, 2008 in Realizations


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