My FIRST Series

13 Feb

Well, a lot has happened to me that can be considered first since last year. Like travelling (considerably) alone to another country on business/work reason. First Asian country visit which is Thailand. First wedding photography coverage as the main photographer… and the likes. But now, let me do some documenting on the probably the initial series for 2008.And let me start of with, I think that was last Wednesday, a day I’m quite busy with computing some numbers for this new countertop project when my boss friend blurted out to the whole group to come and view his iMac. Jose, just sent him an email and YM-ed him if I was there because I didn’t notice him (Jose) YM-ing me. Well, guess who’s in the cover of a (tabloid) newspaper?


It was mentioned already to me by Jose and Ate Marj, her sister. It didn’t sink into me until I saw the evidence…

Yup, that’s me alright. (And Jose holding the paper, thumbed up) Not the one in white! Silly! The one in yellow shirt and taking a photo. Well, that’s my back actually.

Read the photo caption? Samantalahin habang maganda pa? (translation: Take advantage while still beautiful?) Hahaha. Everyone had a laugh when they read it. Now, who or what do you think should be taken advantage off? Hehehe. Jose seemed to be selling me here… well, to those who knew it was me, it seemed I’m the one who should be taken advantage off. Well, I don’t mind, if… hihihi… I’m kidding, of course.

Focus here on what’s to be written, Nemcy!

Ok, going back. It was taken in Boracay by Jose. Actual there’s photo no. 2 of that exact spot, only I looked backed at him with my pinky finger pointing out… such gayness! (That’s a self-compliment, excuse me)

Oh well, so much for my first front cover… well, my back in a cover (tabloid) story… oh, whatever you may call it. As long as it’s a first and a surprised one (to me and to those who’ll see it that knows me).

Jose, dear… don’t forget my copy, ok? 😉

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