After the Day of Redness

15 Feb

The day after Valentine’s Day… I can hear now some rants that their flowers where not delivered, that it was hell of a traffic, etc. etc. And some that raves that their date was a hit, or the boy/girl was so sweet, blah, blah…

Well, as a friend called the Vday… commercialism. Can’t blame him. Good thing I didn’t get used to this day going out. Yup. Read between the lines, I AM SINGLE.

For me it’s simple an ordinary day. Supposedly. Wake up, prep to work, go to work, work (with some texting and chatting in between reciprocating greetings if there’s any by the way), go back home.

Well, for a change I cooked dinner shared with my very nice friendly neighbors, Gou and Tats.

So, yesterday was ordinary for me but undeniably special for the majority. Good for them. I experienced the eagerness with officemates who have dates, panics from my friends who still doesn’t have any who are used to going out on Vday and misery from the singles (like me) who hates this day because of the traffic and the people who are over-reacting. Ok, let’s just admit you are even for just a little envious of non-single people.

Well, I am. Yup. For years. And I just got used to it. Acceptance if you may call it.

I avoided taking a cab on the thought that I’d be experiencing traffic since my place is in the whole stretch of restaurants and bar plus thinking that it would be quite hard to get one. But oddly, a handful of cabs passed me by empty and checking if I’d be hailing them out. I guess many daters have their own cars… hehehe. But the traffic I’m always right about it. The moment the jeepney turned to Morato, it’s a little hellish. Took about 10 minutes to reach the other end of the street. And that was about 8pm.

Flower vendors are everywhere. Selling real roses or those plastic and almost real-looking roses. Love songs are being played out loud on the streets. But take note, I guess now they are recognizing those people that are single and/or broken-hearted. I heard “Almost Over You” being played. That was a change.

I remember a certain part of this Ally McBeal show when she said about her watching romantic movies, seeing couples kiss, listen to love songs, somehow it makes you feel good because if love doesn’t work on you at least it’s visible to others. Well, it’s true. Envy and bitterness kicks in at times on me, but I’m still a sucker for romantic flicks. I guess Ally McBeal’s line justified it.

Oh. And I don’t really feel so bad yesterday. I have good friends to share my home-cooked experiment dinner with (and they really liked it!), didn’t experience one hell of a traffic, got my salary earlier (yehey!) and along with my female officemates, I received a long-stem rose … a little surprised there actually. Thanks, Nono Ü

So, being single and dateless on a Valentine’s Day isn’t bad after all. Well, I got used to it, got over it and survived! Woooohoooo…

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