Friends, Food and Flagging

27 Feb

It was a long weekend. I decided to stay in my unit instead of the usual going home in the province. There was some work to be done (even though it’s a weekend) but let’s just save that to another entry…

So what’s with the past weekend? Nothing much. Though I have this really strong feeling that my nanay is quite mad at me because I didn’t go home. I just feel it because I never received any SMS message back from her. I just had to set back on my own, in my pad and do some things…

So what are those things?

Shared meals with my good neighbor-friends, Gou and Tats. Some lightning hit us and decided to try re-creating that famous Thai food Gou and I ate (in separate chances) in Bangkok. Gou bought the ingredients and yours truly was the chef. Yup! With Thai noodles, ground pork, shrimp and chili paste, we tried to remake Phad Thai.

And with a little chopping, stirring and sauteeing, it came out like this:

It was good. Really. My neighbors said it was and we ate the left over the next day and it even tastier 🙂 It was something new to me and felt good that I was able to cook and other appreciate it.

Was happy there. Satisfied and REALLY happy.


I have lots of things in mind… we’ll of wanting to write these “ideas” coming into my noggin. But I guess I was procrastinating and yeah, lost the good thoughts. But I will try to retrieve it and may be next time write it immediately and not delay it. For now, I’m flagging it… and will really get back to them, specially the Gretchen thing 😉


I got hooked up again watching these DVDs of FRIENDS. Even though I’ve watched it for how many times, these bunch still makes me laugh hard… so hard. And I still like Chandler Bing over Joey. Oh my… I’d be staying up late watching it until my eyes drop by themselves… wehehehe.

Addictive, I say.



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