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Unfortunate Event

A few days ago, my dear friend Jose buzzed me over my YM with a really saddening news: nasunog ang Oslob Church.

It didn’t register to me immediately which among the churches in southern Cebu Oslob is. Until he mentioned some photographs I took of him and his life partner Addie, over the “eternidad” named street.Oslob is more than a century old church made from coral stones and it’s location is very enticing to me since it is facing the sea. Plus around it’s compound are some ruined structures said to be an old convent and probably a watch tower.

I didn’t know the full story until I Googled it a few minutes ago. Read the story here.

I felt bad about it. Oslob might not be my fave church visited in Cebu. It may not be as majestic as the other churches we’ve seen, but thinking that a treasure like that destroyed in just a few minutes because the fire trucks are defectives maddens me. Sad to admit, my country and most of my fellowmen seemed not appreciative of non-monetary treasures! It seems that for “officials”, treasures in the form of arts, architectures, music and the like are useless. It may not be gold, diamonds or silver convertible or sellable to cash but it’s a treasure that tell history, a source of knowledge, not just there for mere beauty or physical appreciation. Not all countries have such treasures.


Sharing a few of the photos I’ve taken in remembrance of a great church I’ve seen in Oslob…

The facade of Oslob Church

Oslob Church’s bell tower

Oslob church’s altar: I told Jose and Addie then that I was quite disappointed that it didn’t look that old because unfortunately, parishioners seemed to prefer a new church by painting it with new paints. But look at the structures, the ceiling, the column and their ornaments…

Main entrance of Oslob’s Church: it was close when we came. We entered on the side doors connected from the convent I think.

This is Jose, my Cebuano friend who I should be thankful for in dragging my ass to his province, along side with his lifetime partner, Addie. Here, Jose is resting but never failed to strike a pose every time I took his photos. This one was while we are admiring (and ranting over the painted) interiors Oslob church.

I am thankful that somehow, before this church was engulfed by fire, I get to visit and appreciate it. Sayang my other friend won’t be able to see such architecture.

To Jose and Addie, thanks for bringing me there. Hopefully we can do some church hopping elsewhere.

As for other photos of my Cebu trip, see more churches we visited, kindly spare some time and click here.

Maraming salamat (thank you).


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One Quick Blog

Despite the fact that I’m…

… way behind some of my deadlines
… seeing more deadlines up ahead
… not quite enthusiastic with the usual assignments
… bored with the daily routine
… missing really good topics to write and post here in this blog
… friends are either getting hooked up and some are getting married (and I’m invited to attend)
… still single and no good result on whatever diet experiments I’m having

Unbelievable as it seems, I’m quite satisfied and happy…

I really seldom say that… feels good saying that.

Perhaps,  I’m just happy if not for myself but for what is happening for others Ü

To Ryu… go, girl! Hehehe… from the goth queen, to the bright, vibrant babe! They usual say that if you’re in love you’re baduy… girl, you’re blooming!!! *hugs*

And to J, finally, a date for the wedding bells! I’m touched that I’m the first one you informed among your college friends Ü I hope I get to meet Cat before the day. Sa bagay, I know how the story of this chapter of your life… grabe! Kahit sa YM lang natin napag-usapan ang simula ng kwento n’yo at pati proposal at wedding announcement sa YM pa rinkinikilig pa din ako! Congrats and best wishes, J and Cat!


Well, that’s a different sigh… for a change… a HAPPY one.

Gusto kong tumambling, actually… Hehehe ;)

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Smart Doggie

… friends, that’s what I call “mocking”.

Peanuts never failed to make me laugh…

And Snoopy, he’s one smart dog… smarter than people I know…


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Go, Snoopy!

 It’s a dog with an attitude…

and Freida (the kid girl that brags her “natural” curly hair) reminds me of someone…

… who… I’ll… just… keep… to… myself…

[for now]

Need I say more?

Try me…

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Life in a Comic Strip: Dilbert’s Way

It’s been a habit of mine to check out my subscribed comic strip daily in my mail. And my Dilbert’s strip I just read is quite apt…

I wish I am that guy, Jesus there… but then again, at some instances I think I’ve been [an unappreciated] miracle worker. Just a while ago, my team and I did some miracles.

Same thing as yesterday’s… the other day… and the previous days ago.

Holy Week is quite near. I hope I won’t be crucified like what happened to the real Jesus. But [again] come to think of it, we’ve been crucified in some way or another…

… for helping and for trying to save someone’s ass?

Oh well, life… is indeed seen in a comic strip.


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It’s hard to admit that despite the fact that I always announce that I am over him or at least getting over him, that I am avoiding him or obviously ignoring him, I still swoon over his non-work related text message when I get one from him. What more hearing his voice.

Why can’t I pick up the pieces and redeem myself from this guy… WHY?!

Such a loser… and with that, I despise myself.

Damn it!
Damn it!
Damn it!



Travelling Farther North (Part 2: Baguio)

My introduction to this trip was showing the infamous Lion’s Head in Kennon Road going to Baguio. Seeing that structure is an indication that you are near the city of Pines already. Unfortunately, we didn’t take the Kennon Road but instead took the much safer yet longer route to Baguio via Marcos Highway.

A little backgrounder on the said road: Obviously, it was created during the presidential reign of the late Ferdinand Marcos. He even had his head bust statue placed at a certain peak that when you pass that highway to Baguio you’d be reminded who made that road for you. It may be considered machismo but mostly specially by the activists but admittedly or not, it has been a tourist attraction. But it has torn down or blown off at a certain period. I don’t know exactly when but I remember seeing a footage of that action. Oh well, I was disappointed to know what. I have hoping if not seeing and having a photo op of the Lion’s head at least I get a glimpse of the Marcos bust. But all I saw was what’s left of the latter, it’s bust frame.

The road was wider making it safer to take compared to Kennon Road. It’s just a bit far and the safer refered just for the width of the road, but this road is quite steep. It was my first time (in my recollection) to be on a trip to Baguio taking that road. So I was wide awake, secured my seatbelt and swooning over the fog, the curves and the sight.

For video footages of driving along Marcos Highway, check out my multiply site

We reached Baguio almost past 12noon. Tita Rory is our distant relative is quite a local in the area. She comes there a little quite often to check out their house in the non-city area of Baguio.

(L-R) Me, Tita Rory, my Nanay and Tita Nelly, also a distant relative

(Nanay and me: Poinsenttias!!! Now do you know where I got my cam whore attitude ;)
We stayed at her place. We ate packed prepared food for lunch, did a few quick cleaning of the house, freshen ourselves up and then off to have a quick peek of what Baguio now offers.

It’s been decades since I last went to Baguio. I can’t even recall when was it. What’s more vivid in my memory was the visits we had there when we, my cousins and I are quite small. We used to stay at the Baguio Park Hotel in from of the Burham Park. We like taking bicycle rides at that park. Baguio for me is foggy, cold and pine tree.

But this is Baguio now. Houses on the cliffs. Traffic. Pollution. Populated. And SM Baguio.

Wow. The change.

SM Baguio is now considered to be a tourist attraction in the area. It was built taking the shape of a mountain side. And claimed the only SM Mall that uses no airconditioning. Well, obviously they should not have any aircons on, they’re in Baguio, the coolest (in weather) area in the Philippines.

And the façade. Consistent in branding… hehehe

The roofing/ceiling I guess is that makes this mall aircon-less

The site in one of the balcony floors: The Cathedral

Photo op: Tita Rory, my Nanay and Tita Nelly by the balcony

Self-portrait no. 1, attempt no. 1… oops! Missed the Cathedral view

Self-portait no. 2, attempt no. 2… got it! But I prefer the first one

What what can one do in SM Baguio?

EAT: Tita Nelly, Nanay and Tita Rory eating mini bibingkas standing at the foodcourt. They said if it isn’t Baguio they won’t be caught doing that. Hehehe. Well, it’s the same as being in any other SM Mall in Manila. One can eat, walk around and hangout seating on a bench sighting some view in SM Baguio. It’s a weekend, and there are lots of people. We just stayed for less than an hour and off to the next destination.

Oh, before we left… I have been craving for ice cream since that morning. And finally, I have satisfied that craving.

Me and my vanilla ice cream dipped in strawberry flavored coating. Eating ice cream in a cold area? Who cares! I LOOOOOVE ice cream. Period.

Obviously, I am more observant and conscious now. Folks here are fashionable. Perhaps it’s the weather that made them dress that way. Boots, scarves, jackets, trench coats. Plus Baguio is known for having lots of ukay-ukay hubs. Ukay-ukay for those who are not familiar with it is a store that carries second hand items sold for a cheaper price. Items here range from shoes, clothes and bags. If you’re not quite conscious of being fashionable and not that “sensitive” on wearing or having not quite new garments, ukay-ukay is the answer. Too bad we have no time for some ukay visit, perhaps the next time I’ll definitely put that in my itinerary.

Next stop: Baguio Public Market. I’m not quite sure if it’s called the Maharlika Market but it’s where the supposedly cheap goodies are. I have not much of photos in this area because we are warned to guard off our belongings like bags, wallets and cellphones aside from my hands are quite occupied with stuff bought by Nanay and my titas. One thing I’m sure of, silver here is CHEAP. Nabbed a few earrings for my 3 goddaughters (php50.00 each from php80.00) and one simple danggling for me (php100.00 from php120.00).

They bought some broom, a known pasalubong from Baguio, some strawberry jams and ube yams, peanut brittles and fresh veggies which we cooked that night for our dinner.

Flowers are cheap here too. The bouquet was being sold for about php200.00 at first and later the vendor dropped the price to a hundred. Well, if I’m a man I’d snatch that one for sure, for too bad I’m not and don’t have anyone to give the flowers too. Besides, we are to leave the next day, it might not reach Manila in good state.

That was for day 1, Saturday. The next day (Sunday), it was planned to start the day by hearing mass at 5:30 in the Cathedral and head back to Bulacan right after lunch time.

In all fairness, this is just taken with my ever reliable SE K610i. No Photoshop involved (exempt for resizing).

A few photo op after the mass…

At the stairs of Beatitudes. I didn’t notice that this Beatitude about mourning is where we stopped. Timely? Hehehe.

Session Road was closed to traffic that weekend. The week before we came was the Penangbengga Week, a famous flower festival in Baguio.

My Nanay loves flowers, specially one of a kind orchids. Unfortunately, we are too early at that time that the shops are still close. Well, if you can’t take the flowers physically home, take some photos. A cheaper way pa. Hihihi.

Went back at home for a quick breakfast then headed for La Trinidad Valley, Benguet for their famous strawberries!!!

More housing along the cliff. I’m not really afraid of heights but I won’t choose to live in such. I wonder how they get up there.

Reaching the “fields”, it’s not just strawberries that are planted there. Veggies of all sorts that require cool climate are harvested in the area.

Farmers harvesting lettuce

Nanay eagerly pointing the fields. Near her I believe are leeks.

And of course, what we really came for in La Trinidad…



And yet, I don’t eat fruits :( Including these sweet strawberries. But not so far from where I stood, I heard a bell clinging… ICE CREEEEEAAAM!

Saved by the bell… my almost finished strawberry ice cream.

These are the shrubs where the strawberries came from. Wonder why there’s some sort of black plastic wrap on the soil bed? It keeps the strawberries from getting dirty with soil. Clever.

More photo op… :p

A few hours left before departure, we took a few photos over The Mansion, as they call the Malacañang in Baguio. This is where the reigning president stays when s/he is in the city of Pines.

Me, Nanay, Tita Rory and Tita Nelly. I can honestly say that I am not much of a fan of our government today. I just encouraged the group to take some photos at The Mansion for keepsake… memories.

It’s perimeter by the way is the only place where pines trees are still visible which one can bearly smell on the breeze. Somehow that gave me a few minutes in reminiscing the Baguio that I knew before.

That was a quick weekend getaway. But I’m quite satisfied. Specially that this is another travel I made with my fave red chucks.


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Travelling Farther North (Part 1: Manaoag)

Yup. We are now back on the lowlands after a weekend off to the upper province of the northern part of the Philippines. Well, my entry is a week late but at least the photo suppliments to this entry is at hand.

Well, I had to wait for a while since for the first time in my travel experience, I left my trusty Canon G5 at my unit at the eve of the trip. Ok, ok. I am really getting older and being forgetful. I was in a hurry to go home. Lesson learned. Good thing our driver brought his digicam and was kind enough to take our pictures and even let me use it like my own Ü

On our way up to Baguio, as it has been traditional, we always pass by Pangasinan to pay respects (I mean at least pray of course) to Our Lady of Manaoag. As far as I remember, I think I was about 7 or 8 years old, we always go there at least once every year. But lately, I wasn’t able to join them but my Nanay never missed a year. Unless she’s out of the country.

There had been lots of improvements in the church and in the area. Roads are cemented. Parking lots much organized. Lots of vendors selling from candles, corn, peanuts, balloons, blessed oil and other religious “souvenirs” as they call it. But what odd for me is that, it isn’t as crowded as before. Or perhaps I’m tall and big enough not to see other people as giants when I was small. It was a Saturday. I just can’t recall what day we usually go there. Since we left Bulacan at past 5:00 AM, we reached Pangasinan before 8:00 AM just in time for a mass. And I thought I’m the only one who noticed but my titas noticed it too that the priest seemed to be quite in a hurry. His homily is short and skipped a couple of the usual sections of the mass.

The church reminded me of those churches in southern Cebu, minus the murals and detailed paintings on the walls and ceiling. There some on the Manaoag Shrine but not quite old and a bit rustic.

A handful of these chandeliers suspend from the church’s ceiling

After the mass, I took a few shots inside the church with my SE K610i. We were on our way to the petition area where you light your petition candles and say your petition, and a little prayer.

Sight of the altar and Our Lady of Manaoag along the middle aisle. The priest is about to bless the people and whatever they are holding at this time.

Still at the middle aisle. Nanay is unaware that I was taking photos. Hehehe. You can see the inner dome of the church. I just forgot what it’s proper term is. Oh well.

From the sideline, see the devotees awaits for the priest’s blessing.

I am guilty of still a sucker for petitioning or praying for certain petition by lighting a candle or giving money to the church. I know. I know. I’m not that religious and at times being an activist of some sort comes out of me. Ok, call me half-half… Half-devotee and half-activist. I’m an agnostic. A female version of Thomas the Doubter. But I do respect other’s beliefs and Catholism. I grew up and was brought up with that faith. It’s just that there are times that I doubt and question some pratices.

I see it at times as commercialism. Take for example…

On the background you see the queue of devotees in line to see, touch and pray to the Lady at her shrine. The candles lighted are from those who had petitions or intentions. You buy these candles for at least pHp6.00. And I am guilty of those.

I am still a sucker and quite brought up with such ideology that every church I go to I’d do that. At least one candle.

I came there as a devotee. An agnostic but yet still a Catholic by heart. But what sudden changed my mood?

These men. Well, they are doing their jobs. I call them, the candle recyclers. They are getting the cooled wax from the candles and I bet will recycle them again to candles. At first I was amazed that it won’t go to waste. You know, the recycling-save Mother Earth thing… somehow related to it. But then again, I felt I was somehow being robbed. Why? I found out that the candles I bought from a “certified” vendor at the parking lot who helped us get a parking space was pHp4.00 over priced from the candles being sold in the petition area. It’s business. negosyo as one of my titas said. Well, I wish that extra money will indeed go for a good cause of that mamang tindero, if not a guarantee that my petition a little ahead of queued on God’s list ;)

I’m a Catholic. An agnostic one. Still a sucker for certain beliefs and gestures since I grew up with it and raised with it. As long as I don’t hurt anyone. This is me… and that’s them.

I just find it off that they are getting the waxes of the candles while some is still placing their petition candle. And people just don’t mind.

Well, I am amazed and curious. First time to see such… and a bit affected. Much affected that I almost missed this scene…

A little wave nga Lola. This tricycle is just right in front of us. You can only do that in the provinces of the Philippines. Take note, provinces NOT the cities. This is on a national road, BUT in a province.

And we are off to our final destination: BAGUIO


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A Nightout with Cousins

I owe these pretty young ladies this post… hehehe! It’s been months since these photos taken. It was the 2nd to the last night of the UP Fair this year when I went out with my younger cousins, Issa and Lyn.

We three shared the common stuff we like. One of which is the band Bamboo. Since it’s UP Fair, Issa and I were hoping to get a glimpse of the band playing. Unfortunately, it was Monday of the fair week, the opening night when Bamboo played. Lyn was not assigned to manned their booth that time :( So, we just decided to go around the fair area, bought some stuff like I got a really check eyeglasses frame and a handmade sketchpad while the 2 ladies got themselves some handful of graphic shirts.

After the rounds, a few frozen flavored drinks (non-alcoholic by the way, I should be a role-model to the two, of course) Lyn doesn’t want to go home yet.  So I made a suggestion of going to this videoke bar near my place and so… we did! We had a blast and went home at 1am? Or was it 2am?

And as evidence…

From left: Issa and Lyn sings their heart out! Saya!

Lyn sings “Luha” by the Aegis. Never knew she sings as in birit-ly sings! Want to see watch the evidence? Checkout my multiply.

Me, Issa and Lyn… photo op! Hehehe.

And again… Issa brought out the evidence… the mic!

Our first time and definitely won’t be the last! We’ll surely do this again… Issa, for your birthday? ;)


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BAs and/or BMs

Is it timely that I post this cartoon made by Mr. Tom Fishburne? I encountered his blog and his witty cartoons through a friend and featured him (and his cartoons) in one of my past blogs.To Sir Fishburne… I commend you Sir. I can definitely relate to your cartoons. And with that, I’d like to post one of his cartoons below…

Need I say more?Expect more blogs from me… reserving some energy and strength.

(Sleep. I NEED sleep.)

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