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A Nightout with Cousins

I owe these pretty young ladies this post… hehehe! It’s been months since these photos taken. It was the 2nd to the last night of the UP Fair this year when I went out with my younger cousins, Issa and Lyn.

We three shared the common stuff we like. One of which is the band Bamboo. Since it’s UP Fair, Issa and I were hoping to get a glimpse of the band playing. Unfortunately, it was Monday of the fair week, the opening night when Bamboo played. Lyn was not assigned to manned their booth that time 😦 So, we just decided to go around the fair area, bought some stuff like I got a really check eyeglasses frame and a handmade sketchpad while the 2 ladies got themselves some handful of graphic shirts.

After the rounds, a few frozen flavored drinks (non-alcoholic by the way, I should be a role-model to the two, of course) Lyn doesn’t want to go home yet.  So I made a suggestion of going to this videoke bar near my place and so… we did! We had a blast and went home at 1am? Or was it 2am?

And as evidence…

From left: Issa and Lyn sings their heart out! Saya!

Lyn sings “Luha” by the Aegis. Never knew she sings as in birit-ly sings! Want to see watch the evidence? Checkout my multiply.

Me, Issa and Lyn… photo op! Hehehe.

And again… Issa brought out the evidence… the mic!

Our first time and definitely won’t be the last! We’ll surely do this again… Issa, for your birthday? 😉


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BAs and/or BMs

Is it timely that I post this cartoon made by Mr. Tom Fishburne? I encountered his blog and his witty cartoons through a friend and featured him (and his cartoons) in one of my past blogs.To Sir Fishburne… I commend you Sir. I can definitely relate to your cartoons. And with that, I’d like to post one of his cartoons below…

Need I say more?Expect more blogs from me… reserving some energy and strength.

(Sleep. I NEED sleep.)

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