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One Quick Blog

Despite the fact that I’m…

… way behind some of my deadlines
… seeing more deadlines up ahead
… not quite enthusiastic with the usual assignments
… bored with the daily routine
… missing really good topics to write and post here in this blog
… friends are either getting hooked up and some are getting married (and I’m invited to attend)
… still single and no good result on whatever diet experiments I’m having

Unbelievable as it seems, I’m quite satisfied and happy…

I really seldom say that… feels good saying that.

Perhaps,  I’m just happy if not for myself but for what is happening for others Ü

To Ryu… go, girl! Hehehe… from the goth queen, to the bright, vibrant babe! They usual say that if you’re in love you’re baduy… girl, you’re blooming!!! *hugs*

And to J, finally, a date for the wedding bells! I’m touched that I’m the first one you informed among your college friends Ü I hope I get to meet Cat before the day. Sa bagay, I know how the story of this chapter of your life… grabe! Kahit sa YM lang natin napag-usapan ang simula ng kwento n’yo at pati proposal at wedding announcement sa YM pa rinkinikilig pa din ako! Congrats and best wishes, J and Cat!


Well, that’s a different sigh… for a change… a HAPPY one.

Gusto kong tumambling, actually… Hehehe 😉

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