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Unfortunate Event

A few days ago, my dear friend Jose buzzed me over my YM with a really saddening news: nasunog ang Oslob Church.

It didn’t register to me immediately which among the churches in southern Cebu Oslob is. Until he mentioned some photographs I took of him and his life partner Addie, over the “eternidad” named street.Oslob is more than a century old church made from coral stones and it’s location is very enticing to me since it is facing the sea. Plus around it’s compound are some ruined structures said to be an old convent and probably a watch tower.

I didn’t know the full story until I Googled it a few minutes ago. Read the story here.

I felt bad about it. Oslob might not be my fave church visited in Cebu. It may not be as majestic as the other churches we’ve seen, but thinking that a treasure like that destroyed in just a few minutes because the fire trucks are defectives maddens me. Sad to admit, my country and most of my fellowmen seemed not appreciative of non-monetary treasures! It seems that for “officials”, treasures in the form of arts, architectures, music and the like are useless. It may not be gold, diamonds or silver convertible or sellable to cash but it’s a treasure that tell history, a source of knowledge, not just there for mere beauty or physical appreciation. Not all countries have such treasures.


Sharing a few of the photos I’ve taken in remembrance of a great church I’ve seen in Oslob…

The facade of Oslob Church

Oslob Church’s bell tower

Oslob church’s altar: I told Jose and Addie then that I was quite disappointed that it didn’t look that old because unfortunately, parishioners seemed to prefer a new church by painting it with new paints. But look at the structures, the ceiling, the column and their ornaments…

Main entrance of Oslob’s Church: it was close when we came. We entered on the side doors connected from the convent I think.

This is Jose, my Cebuano friend who I should be thankful for in dragging my ass to his province, along side with his lifetime partner, Addie. Here, Jose is resting but never failed to strike a pose every time I took his photos. This one was while we are admiring (and ranting over the painted) interiors Oslob church.

I am thankful that somehow, before this church was engulfed by fire, I get to visit and appreciate it. Sayang my other friend won’t be able to see such architecture.

To Jose and Addie, thanks for bringing me there. Hopefully we can do some church hopping elsewhere.

As for other photos of my Cebu trip, see more churches we visited, kindly spare some time and click here.

Maraming salamat (thank you).


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