Capturing Attention… Would you dare?

02 Apr

My work goes beyond branding and designing. It goes to idead of below the line selling of what we’ve branded, hence thinking and understanding the targets of the brands. It’s living a not-so-normal life I guess. And if at this very moment I’ll be asked to describe my life in one word I’d say: abnormal.

This entry I say has more than just that reason mention above. Nor am I just to sell the innovation and idea of the photo posted above. (Oh, by the way, it’s a gum and it has other variants). Among all it’s “brothers and cousins”, I’d prefer to post that one.

Above is the other side/facing of the box of gum.

I just love being different. I am questioned. I do ask too. But as far as I know, I know what I’m suppose to do and I don’t (and won’t) pull anyone down. But don’t mess with me.

I am trusted and valued. Loved and cared for. I may not have millions (not even thousands). But again, I know what I am supposed to do and I am living and dealing with it.



Deal with it.

Call me Wondergirl (if you must)… Don’t test me.

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