“Can you please be quiet?”

06 Apr

I really wish I can yell at the “boys” beside and behind me right now…

I’m in a internet shop right now, in one of the biggest mall in my province. I won’t be mentioning which mall that is ’cause I don’t intend to advertise them. I know, I know this is a public place. But naman! have a little respect with the other people in the room!

Calling them all BOYS despite the fact that 2 of the 3 are really quite grown ups and I’m sure they have armpits hairs already because they are really, REALLY annoying. I came in way ahead of them in the intention of sending some files for my side projects and to just hangout and supposedly blog another topic. But then came in these 3 boys. Overhearing what they are to do here (yup, they are speaking really quite loud), they are to play some internet/online game: counterstrike or dota-something. Who cares? The kid (the youngest I mean) is quite… ARGH… is there a heavier word that “annoyance” itself?

The older boy beside me is cute pa naman ata (I think) but with what he is doing, he isn’t anymore! Do you have to announce every move and every reaction you will do in such games? I never got hooked up in such interactive games. Thank God I’m not a gamer, ’cause if I am, I’m sure I’ll be much annoyed with how they play! But as far as I know, these games are suppose to be strategical. Game of tactics. And having tactics means keeping it to oneself until you apply it.


I have been know as being masungit. Even Jose crowned me as Miss Minchin, the strict and mean mistress of Princess Sarah. I am, I know… at a right place at a right time… well, most of the time. Perhaps now, it’s a right time to hold my temper. It is a public place. I am in a public place. Reminding myself over and over again. I had worst times…

To Emil, Omeng and Jelo… or whatever their names are… I pray that I won’t be encountering you again… EVER.

Sayang “kuya” Jelo, cute ka pa naman yata…

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One response to ““Can you please be quiet?”

  1. Salve

    April 16, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    That’s what I hate about net cafes. Kasi mga nandun online gamers. Nakaka-distract talaga sila.


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