Donna’s Wedding

20 Apr

I just came in from my dear friend back in high school. Let’s call the event a sort of reunion for own small group. Prior to Donna’s wedding was Renee’s which I missed due to work duties. (Really sorry, Renee. My loss. Heard it was a blast.)

Oh, by the way, all of them are all getting married and talked about details and planning. Again, I am left out. But it’s my fault…

Just thankful I tried to be useful (somehow) in the wedding. Borrowed Myles’ Canon 20D and fire the trigger away. But despite my face behind the viewfinder, I really couldn’t stop some tears to drop. I worry about the makeup Gou did on me but still… gahd! I’m such a cry baby.


Can’t help but became quite emotional about it. Donna is my closest among the four of us, no doubt about that. We lost touch sometime around the sophomore days of our college years and we took the same degree in different universities. We sort of regroup at least once a year but being the renegade member for being late or worst the always the no-show I am the odd man out nowadays. It’s my fault. A price to pay when I’m not constantly in touch.

These are just some of the initial photos I got. Mostly my faves. Will still be selecting decent ones since I didn’t use any flash on the photos I’ve taken, some are blurred due to movement of subject or due to my hands shaking and trying to hold my composure of not sobbing loudly.

The Bride awaits…

Me to self: “‘Danda ng friend ko…” (teary-eyed…)

Dong (the Bride) with her sister, Aya, the Maid of Honor

Either she’s checking out her bouquet, or she’s texting?

There she is…

And she walks towards the altar… *sniff*

Awww… the best kiss photo I got…

To check out some more photos, you can click here.


A short (but sweet) message for the newly weds…

To Alex… aka Rudy Fernandez (‘cause he really looks like him) aka Da Boy, I’m glad to know that Dong is loved by a good man. We still have to get to know each but for now, I’m happy that you two are together. Like what I told you, take good care of my friend, ok? Love her very much… kasi alam ko… basta, ‘yun na! 😉

To Dong aka Bulilit to my Nanay, you know I’m happy that you got married. You know that from my reaction when you called me up to inform me that you are getting married. 5 years you and Alex are together… where the hell was I? I wish that despite you and the other ladies are already married and is getting married (hi, Karina) I hope you guys won’t stop looking for me and trying to drag my butt off my work seat to meet up. I don’t know if you noticed that I kept on hugging you in every chance that I can had from the eve of your wedding day till the time we said goodbye at the reception… I’m really going to miss the makulit, funny, OC and mataray na Donna…

Now you know why I really declined to be part of the entourage… not just I’m not really comfortable wearing a tube type dress, but it’s more of me being a cry baby. And writing this now, I’m still crying! So imagine my mascara will be ruined then… hahaha.

I miss you guys… specially you, Dong.

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